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Formed in 2001, DIE WEISSE ROSE, was formed as a creative output for documenting various historical events, through what Wagner called “Gesamtkunstwerke” - a total work of art. Combining electronical elements, fieldrecordings and real instruments through an optic that resembles a kaleidoscopical view of history, thus making the music of DIE WEISSE ROSE as indebted to the History Channel and litterature as they are to Throbbing Gristle and Richard Wagner.

May 2009 marked the formation of the long awaited and much anticipated debut album “A Martyrium of White Roses” which was finally released to highly critical international acclaim. A Martyrium of White Roses being a concept album that focused upon the thematical questions of guilt, martyrium, shame and fanatism through an often contradicting and ambiguous character .

More than concerts, DIE WEISSE ROSE’s performances should been seen and celebrated as elaborate rituals, where element such as uniforms, burning torches, snippets of old schlägers, segments from documentary films and philosophical proclamations are carefully wowen together by orgies of electronic sounds, violins and accordion and drum beating like a military parade gone terribly astray.

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