• Sandwitch - New CD Going 4th - Review

    Mar 19 2010, 1h27 por nhpeacenik

    Sandwitch (http://www.myspace.com/sandwitchfolk) is a -based living in , consisting of Buddy Freebury and Andrea Freebury. They've been making music together and in other configurations for many years and just issued their fourth CD, Going 4th ........ On to New Horizons, after a few years of being largely outside the music scene.

    This is a rather long review, so let me make it clear before I start (over-)verbalizing that I absolutely love this CD and strongly urge everybody to get hold of it.

    I first encountered them when Red Shoes (http://www.myspace.com/redshoes1), one of my favorite musical duos, started exchanging messages with them on MySpace. After I had visited their page and expressed appreciation for their homemade videos (including a definitive version of “The Burning Times”), they invited me to be their friend. Like Red Shoes, they generously share their creativity in a raw form, sitting in their kitchen and singing to the accompaniment of , or ,
  • Forgetfulness

    Mar 6 2010, 17h54 por samsaunders

    I forget to put positive things in this journal space. It even has an rss feed so people could subscribe to it.

    If they wanted to. click this while you're deciding.


    These Monsters new album - title track Call Me Dragon (free downlad) provides a rich taste of the whole feast - is a monstrous piece of work. It's armoured, scaled, articulated, fast, furious, saxophonous and exhilarating.

    Matt Bentley has a beautifully produced and presented new album called Entropy. I can hear echoes of some of the founders of British folk guitar in there - Davy Graham and Dick Gaughan and a lot of other things too. It stands head and shoulders above the routine singer songwriter stuff. That said, the sheer numbers of solo artists doing their own songs is pushing the expected standard higher and higher.

    Club Smith go on following the ancient and peculiar adage that every new song should be the best yet, and redefine the repertoire. …
  • a late response to the bbc folk awards

    Fev 16 2010, 0h43 por stevethack

    Folk Awards Winners 2010

    Nanci Griffith and Dick Gaughan

    i like nanci so not going to critisise her, just not totally sure why the bbc folk awards would honour her .
    Dick - his contiibution to the uk folk scene isn't desputable, a great folk artist deserving of the award

    Transatlantic Sessions

    no arguement from me on ths one

    And the winner was:Jon Boden
    Other nominees were:
    Cara Dillon
    Jackie Oates
    Martin Simpson

    as a short list of nominees i really can't argue with this list (ok if it were me id have a longer list of nominations as there are a good number of artists deserving to stand alongside these], Boden is prob my least fav of the artists on this list but thats more down to personal taste than anything else.

    The winner was: Show of Hands{/artist]
    Other nominees were:
    Belshazzar's Feast
    Damien Barber & Mike Wilson

  • First Reactions: Kist O'Gold

    Jun 2 2009, 14h50 por downinahole55

    Dear Dick Gaughan, I've never heard of you until late last night when I discovered you on a list of someone's favorite songwriters but...

    Kist O'Gold from 1976 is a fantastic journey to a different time and place. Holding true the roots, and creating his own lush soundscape, Mr. Gaughan has blown me away. Rare for a celtic/scottish record, he utilizes only a guitar and his voice; no swirling 3/4 timed accordion, no foot-stompin' violin, no ascending flute lines, just an acoustic guitar. If I had to make a comparison to anything else, it would probably be a cross between the melodies of Pentangle and a scottish version of Gordon Lightfoot for vocal timbre. I don't think to have understood a single lyric on the album without straining, though, in my defense, half of it was in scottish, and half was some odd derivative of english. But you know what he's talking about; the same things all other songwriters talk about, their country, lost loves, wars now and past, hopes and dreams, just in a unique new light. …
  • Criminally underrated bands

    Mar 6 2009, 21h34 por abclaret

    Theres lots of medocrity that gets way to much play here and elsewhere, rather than put together some pissy rant I thought I'd put together an expanding list of good bands who I think warrant the need to be checked out.

    King Prawn in the 90's this band kept ska innovative and they were several times recognised as pioneers by awards and in the UK press. If these guys didn't throw their schtick in the blender you would have never had Sonic Boom Six or King Blues.

    Sona Fariq can't get my head around why these guys weren't bigger. Very similar to Dub War and Skindred.

    earthtone9, when nu-metal crap was over saturating the alternative metal airways, an intelligent metal band from the UK came along doing something different and guess what? When you see good bands like this get zero recognition its easy to feel resentment towards metallers.

    Blaggers I.T.A. probably the best anti-fascist band ever to grace music. Matty was left to rot in prison by the nazi British Movement after being a 'follower'…
  • For 'a tha' - Scotfolk I and II

    Jan 22 2008, 14h29 por randomusr

    This summer I made a mixed CD for myself, mostly for when I was cooking. I need my music! I brought it with me to Germany for my summer trip, and had lots of positive feedback on it, having to copy it several times over. The second one came about as a Christmas gift, and a copy is in my kitchen CD player right now. There is a wee café in Germany where these can be heard, so all ye Germans - stay alert ;)

    SCOTFOLK I For a' tha'

    This CD mainly features a couple of bands: 5 Hand Reel and Silly Wizard. The singers of these two bands, Dick Gaughan and Andy M Stewart are both featured with solo songs as well, as they went on to have successful solo careers after the demise of the bands.

    Band - Song - Album

    1. 5 Hand Reel - Satan will appear (Bunch of Fives)
    2. Silly Wizard - My love's in Germany (Silly Wizard, re-released on Early Years)
    3. 5 Hand Reel - Lay ye doon (Bunch of Fives)
    4. Silly Wizard - Donald McGillavry / O'Neill's Cavalry March live (Live Wizardry)
  • Bellowhead in Brussels

    Jul 22 2007, 22h53 por iculpin

    Sat 14 Jul – Brosella
    What a great introduction to Bellowhead. I caught an hour long set where they were featuring at the Brosella festival, a folk and jazz weekend, in the wooded open air theatre close to the Atomium. They really were extraordinary, their live performance has a lot of musical humour, which is not really captured on the CD. They mainly did tracks from their CD, Burlesque. Their musicianship is tremendous, I’ve never heard a wah-wah applied to a mandolin before, but I now appreciate the finer points. It was quite possibly one of my best musical experiences in the last 30 years. A real Phil Spector wall of sound effect, quite intoxicating.
    Dick Gaughan was there as well, certainly looking as though he’s been on the road so long, with a lot of on-stage reminiscences of the folk heydays of late sixties and early seventies. I didn’t get to chat to him, as they scuttled off somewhere after their set. But I'm not sure his memories extend back to the Upstairs Coal Hole in Wimbledon.
  • This Month in eMusic

    Dez 7 2006, 14h35 por Woodshed1

    Richard Thompson - 1985: Thompson's 1000 Years of Popular Music is almost certainly the best album inspired by a porn magazine. He was asked, along with a slew of other musicians, by Playboy to make a list of the best songs of the last millennium. While most struggled to find songs over 100 years old, Thompson went back to the 11th Century.

    Playboy decided not to print Thompson's list - that's what happens when you leave editorial decisions to a bunch of fake-boobed half wits in bunny costumes. However, it inspired him to record an album of the songs. There are some great tunes on it: Sumer Is Icumen In, Black Leg Miner, Orange Coloured Sky. Which makes it even more surprising that the standout track is a cover of Bowling for Soup.

    George Formby - Ain't Nobody's Biz'ness/Goody Goody/I Like Bananas: This little medley neatly shows all sides of George. The first contains the obligatory window-cleaner reference; the final part is willfully stupid, "I like bananas/Because they have no bones." Of course you do, George.
  • Welcome in the tff Rudolstadt Group (G)

    Jul 15 2006, 23h54 por ECL

    Ich bin gespannt wie viele der jährlich rund 60Tausend TFF Besucher & Sympathisanten hier unterwegs sind und dieser Group beitreten.

    Here is the way to the tff Rudolstadt Group: http://www.last.fm/group/tff%2BRudolstadt

    & eine kleine Zusammenfassung zum TFF 2006 gibt es hier:[url= http://www.last.fm/user/ECL/journal/2006/07/12/177790] http://www.last.fm/user/ECL/journal/2006/07/12/177790

    A list of the artists with the letter G since 1991 in Rudolstadt occurred (incompletely):

    G.Rag y Los Hermanos Patchekos (GER) 2002
    Gaiteiros de Lisboa (POR) 1998
    Gönter Gall & Döwelskermes (GER) 1991
    Beppe Gambetta & Carlo Aonzo (ITA) 1998
    Garmarna (SWE) 1995
    Dick Gaughan (SCO) 1993, 2001
    Michael Gemkow (GER) 1992
    Gereben (HUN) 1996
    dhruba gosh (IND) 2002, 2003
    Ghymes (SLK) 1996
    Giant Sand (USA) 2005
    Miquel Gil (ESP) 2005
    Tanya Gillis & Michel Deveau (CAN) 2003
    Topo Gioia (ARG) 1998
    Global Kryner (AUT) 2005
    Gnawa Express Tanger (MAR) 1994
    Gnawa Halwa (MAR) 2002
    Gnawa Impulse (MAR/GER) 2002
    Kadri Gopalnath (IND) 1997
  • Strangest thing...

    Abr 2 2006, 18h37 por boedker

    So strange to listen to music you didn't know you actually liked. After my father passed away late last year, I've begun listening a lot to some of his old folk records. My absolute favourite is Dick Gaughan's Handful Of Earth. I guess it just brings back a lot of good memories of listening to music together, sharing thoughts and ideas, disagreeing on music and all that...over a few beers. I've never really listened to folk, not the way my dad used to do - but Gaughan really opened my eyes to the genre, his voice, the songs, the simple but eminently complex guitar playing. Just great music. Current fav is Craigie Hill.