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Dean Blunt is a musician, record producer, singer-songwriter and conceptual artist. Blunt is best known for both his solo work and his partnership-based creations with avant-garde groups Hype Williams (featuring himself and Inga Copeland) and more recently, Babyfather; he was also the co-founder of London rock band Graffiti Island. He has been described as "a prolific, category-rejecting artist" and "an art-pop provocateur."

Blunt embarked his solo career in 2011, releasing a set of albums as well as several EPs and singles. His full-length studio albums, The Narcissist II (2012), The Redeemer (2013), and Black Metal (2014), received attention and praise from various music publications. BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow, his first album as Babyfather, was named the best album of 2016 by Tiny Mix Tapes and Resident Advisor.

Blunt is also known for his playfulness and obfuscation. In 2015, he sent his bodyguard to accept his Philip Hall Radar Award at the NME awards. In 2016, he listed a toy Foxtons estate agents Mini Cooper filled with marijuana on eBay. At a New York concert, in March 2016, media guests were asked to check in under aliases that they had received with their ticket confirmations.

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