• Tuesday Ten: 145: Tracks of the Month (October)

    Nov 1 2011, 21h40 por amodelofcontrol

    Another month already – and time for my usual monthly rundown of the best tracks of the month. As is usual, this will be the last monthly rundown of the year – December will see my end of year roundups.

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    Track of the Month:

    Zola Jesus
    Her last album made it into my albums of last year, and at this rate the new one will be doing the same this time around. Her vocal style alone would stand her out from the crowd – a voice capable of both hitting astonishing heights and sounding frankly fucking terrifying – but the musical arrangements that surround it lift things even further. A meshing of electronics and classical elements, in the main, and on this track (the lead single for the new album) it is a pulsing, quasi-industrial rhythm that is finally let rip at the close, but all the way along, sounds huge. Played even at medium volume it simply dominates the room and draws you in ever closer.

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