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Dave Door lives in South East London; his hair is lustrous and long; it is his antennas to receive cosmic energy from distant stars; his perception of the universe is profound, psychedelic and potent; an alternate realm of freakiness and fuzz. Dave believes that he is the drummer in a rock group; the loudest, baddest, mind-expanding, underground garage punk band that ever existed…Dave's Doors Of Perception.

Fronted by Blair Dean, a snarling Gibson welding song-smith whose calm Ivy League exterior is in conflict with his animal three-chord aggression and vocal vitriol.

Sitting behind a Vox Continental, it is not, as often claimed, the messiah, but Charli Doherty; Charli is too young to be the messiah, but he does possess unworldly skills in record production and can play any instrument yet to be created.

Rob Doherty is a mod, you can tell because he wears desert boots; he plays the bass, the most solid, pounding, gnarly, growling bass that it is possible for the human body to survive.

The band have released three tracks to date on Well Suspect Records; Falling on Generation Mod, Sex Drugs and Armed Revolutionon Dirty Mod and Sound Of The Undergroundon Sweet & Sour Psych … and have now recorded their debut album, Apophenia. Dave's Doors Of Perception are irresistible, insatiable and unstoppable.

'Dave's Doors Of Perception are The Castaways' bastard grandson.' Record Collector.

'Dave's Doors Of Perception are brimming with promise on the mod-for-it garage racket.' Shindig.

'Sound Of The Underground is a wholehearted grab from The Chocolate Watchband's pudding bowl'.Shindig.

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