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Daniel is a award winning and innovative British singer / songwriter, widely recognised for fronting progressive metal band TesseracT with his unique live performances and unmistakable dramatic soundscapes on the highly acclaimed albums ‘One’, ‘Polaris’ and ‘Sonder’

Since 2008 Daniel has established himself as a highly respected vocalist with a dedicated worldwide fan base. Arguably one of the busiest collaborative vocalists, Daniel’s voice has been celebrated as one of the best in modern progressive rock and metal.

Having released several successful rock / metal records (see discography), in recent times, Daniel has demonstrated his natural ability to marry his sound to various genres and yet remain in mesmerising control of his audience.

Much more than a recording artist, he is an accomplished performer having toured the world earning a host of awards and honours from ‘Metal Hammer’ Golden God nominations to 5K Kerrang! live reviews. Alongside TesseracT, Daniel has shared the stage with artists such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Gojira, Devin Townsend, Steven Wilson and many more.

Looking to the future Daniel maintains his focus on TesseracT but also balances his time between his creative outlet as a solo artist, White Moth Black Butterfly, ZETA and his vocal coaching, continuing to create a strong impression within the music industry.


Rolling Stone - Band Of The Year 2013 (Critics Choice) Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Best Album 2013 (Critics Choice) – Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Best Song 2013 ‘Dots’ (Critics Choice) – Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Band Of The Year 2013 (Popular Vote) – Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Best Album 2013 (Popular Vote) – Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Best Song 2013 ‘Dots’ (Popular Vote) – Skyharbor
Jack Daniel’s - Band of the year 2013 – Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Best Song 2012 ‘Maeva’ – Skyharbor
Rolling Stone - Best Emerging Artist 2012 – Skyharbor
Prog Magazine - New Blood Award 2012 – TesseracT (One)
Kerrang! – 5K Live Review @Sonisphere Festival 2011 – TesseracT
Metal Hammer - Golden God Nomination – Best New Band 2011 – TesseracT


“Dan has a hell of a voice!!!” – DEVIN TOWNSEND

“Check out the awesome vocals of Dan Tompkins, the man can sing YEAH!!’ – JON GOMM

“There are so many musicians out there who jump from genre to genre and experiment with different kinds of sound but not all of them are able to pull it off. Out there, a bunch of them have the ability to make things so awkward, you’d just want to question what they were thinking. But then again, there are the special ones, the ones who shine in the dark and shine even brighter against the sun. The One’s who fully understand and are able to control their capabilities and of course the ones who actually know how to take things to the next level. They have this gift in whatever they do, it just works. One man who’s got this gift is UK-based vocalist, Daniel Tompkins – PULP MAGAZINE (MANILA)

“The dramatic soundscapes Dan Tompkins creates really are on another level, standing above the current crop of vocalists out there. Tesseract are destined for great things with a frontman leading the charge like this…one of the best vocals in modern metal” – SCUZZ TV – ALEX HERRON (UK)

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