• Dan Baird | Out of Mothballs

    Fev 4 2009, 21h02 por wmterhaar

    Dan Baird heeft een nieuwe plaat, Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, maar brengt ook deze verzamelaar van rariteiten uit. Die komt zelfs dubbel uit de mottenballen, want hij verscheen in 2003 al in de Verenigde Staten. Niet dat het uitmaakt, want zolang er kroegen zijn om bier te drinken en wegen om over te scheuren, is de muziek van Baird altijd welkom.

    Baird is er het type niet naar om jaren in de studio te zitten om met Pro Tools zijn muziek helemaal glad te trekken. Het verschil tussen een officiële Baird-albumtrack en een demo van een nummer dat het uiteindelijk niet gehaald heeft, is dan ook niet schokkend. Baird zit er hooguit qua zang een enkele keer naast door een gebrek aan goede monitoren.

    Op Out Of Mothballs heeft Baird de moeite genomen alleen die nummers te verzamelen, die het echt waard zijn van de vergetelheid te worden gered. Zo biedt Baird weer een prima gelegenheid om een biertje (of twee) open te trekken en te genieten van zijn pretentieloze kwaliteitssongs met alleszeggende…
  • Concerts I have attended

    Fev 8 2008, 19h27 por Quispiam

    I started keeping this list in 2009, so all dates previous are blurry at best. I only went to a few concerts before 2006, and I'm unsure as to which they were.

    2006.??.??: USCB Allstars
    2006.??.??: Eskalator
    2006.12.??: Hellsongs + Navid Modiri

    2007.04.21: Within Temptation
    2007.06.16: Lars Winnerbäck
    2007.11.23: Tommy Fiskblom + The Majority Says
    2007.12.04: Nightwish (Indica)

    2008.08.??: Lars Winnerbäck
    2008.10.31: Sonata Arctica (Vanishing Point + SkyRide)
    2008.11.20: José Carreras

    2009.06.03-06: Sweden Rock 2009 (festival w. Heaven And Hell, Kamelot, Amberian Dawn, In Flames, Motörhead, Dream Theater et c)
    2009.07.11: Hultsfredsfestivalen 2009 (festival w. Lars Winnerbäck, Thåström, Sahara Hotnights et c)
    2009.12.15: Sonata Arctica (Delain)

    2010.04.11: Kamelot (Amaranthe + Leaves' Eyes)
    2010.07.08: Lars Winnerbäck (Love Antell + Dundertåget + Melissa Horn + Laleh)
    2010.07.24: Korrö Folkmusikfestival (folk music festival)
  • It comes to them naturally: The Yayhoos live at the Luminaire, London, 12 Feb 2007

    Fev 13 2007, 14h05 por DarrenStockford

    Ladies and gentlemen, The Yayhoos have left the building.

    Well, almost. They've just walked off stage after a mammoth two-hour set at the Luminaire in Kilburn, and the vacuum they've left behind them is huge - and very audible.

    A minute ago, the venue was ablaze in fiery red light, eardrum-whupping rock 'n' roll spraying off the stage and running down the walls. See that mess on the floor? It may look like spilt beer, but it's actually genuine Yayhoos sweat. Taste it, it's real. According to legend, it has life-enhancing properties. I think, for once, legend is right.

    Okay, let's get the introductions out of the way (or, as the excellent 20-track sampler CD of solo work that preceded the band's first album would have it, 'The Yayhoos Are Coming... But Who The Fuck Are The Yayhoos?') - in alphabetical order, as it seems the only proper way to do this.

    First up is Eric 'Roscoe' Ambel - guitarist, vocalist, writer, producer. As well as fronting his own band, The Roscoe Trio…
  • Sin city: Dan Baird and Homemade Sin live in London, 20 Oct 2006

    Out 21 2006, 18h03 por DarrenStockford

    If you're looking for an objective view of the show that Dan Baird and his band Homemade Sin played at the Borderline in London yesterday, you've come to the wrong place. For me, it was a night of beer drinking, hardcore foot tapping and scrunched-faced singing along - to arm-hair-raisingly good songs, many of which were my rock 'n' roll education when I first heard them in my teens. It's hard to stand back and gaze at Dan Baird with anything but awestruck wonder.

    The Georgia Satellites, the band which Dan once co-fronted, are my Ramones, my Replacements - the one rock 'n' roll combo I can honestly point to and say 'they changed my life'. They're the only band that, as an adult, I've wanted to ape - in my late teens, I harboured fantasies of having my own band that did everything the Sats' way - and a part of me still holds out hope that, one day, the classic Satellites line-up will reunite. If they do, they'd damned well better cross the Atlantic.

  • Salvation and Homemade Sin in Leeds

    Out 16 2006, 21h24 por KeithJenner

    Sunday night was the first time for years that my wife and I had been to a gig together, and only my second live show in four years. To be honest, we are a bit out of practice, but we couldn’t have picked a better band to get ourselves back into the swing of things than Dan Baird and Homemade Sin at New Roscoe in Leeds.

    We got to the venue fairly early, having driven there due to the frankly terrible rail service round these parts (the last train to leave Leeds that gets anywhere near our house was at about 10pm so we’d have had to leave before the gig started). That meant that only one of us could have a drink and I drew the short straw. Still, at least that meant that I could concentrate on the gig I suppose.

    Unfortunately, being out of practice at this gig going business means that we got caught out with times. I’m not sure whether this was because of the relaxed licensing laws, or because my previous gig’s had almost all been in London…
  • Go On, You Know You Want To

    Out 15 2006, 1h03 por KeithJenner

    If you're wondering what to do with yourself this week, then why not go and have one of the best rock n rollin' nights of your life in the company of Dan Baird and Homemade Sin, as they're touring the UK this week.

    Dates are:

    15 Oct: New Roscoe, Leeds
    16 Oct: Robin Hood 2, Bilston
    18 Oct: Bootleggers Bar, Kendal
    19 Oct: Trillans, Newcastle
    20 Oct: The Borderline, London

    I'm not connected to the band in any way, but it is one of the greatest injustices in the world that they are not playing far bigger venues. You really can't go wrong if you fancy a good night out. Go on, go on, you know you want to.
  • Salvation And Sin: a Georgia Satellites group

    Out 14 2006, 17h23 por DarrenStockford

    I've started a group for fans of The Georgia Satellites, as well as related artists such as Dan Baird, The Yayhoos and Terry Anderson, to shoot the breeze.

    If it sounds like it might be up your street, join me and help get some chat going.

  • Heard it on the X

    Ago 20 2006, 18h18 por JunkersJumo

    I have two primary ways of finding new music, last.fm and satellite radio. Since there is no easy way to import my lists from satrad to last.fm, I'd thought I'd try to keep a running journal entry on music that made an impression on me from that "other" source.

    The Yayhoos - Put The Hammer Down - And they do. Dan Baird, Eric Ambel, Terry Anderson, and Tim Hatfield all have a great resume and each one could probably front their own band, but together they are magnificent. A superb rock n' roll album. Go find this one, its well worth the effort.

    Kris Kristofferson - This Old Road - Helicopter pilot, war vet, actor, philosopher, Rhodes scholar, songs that over 450 other artists have sung. Damn impressive. This Old Road has some of the best songs he has ever written. If you have any country leanings at all, get it.

    The Drams - Jubilee Dive - Composed of ex Slobberbone members, plus a keyboardist, The Drams sound polished and great. Brent Best is writing in fine form here, the songs are lean, mean, and smart. …
  • Concert list 2000-2006

    Ago 11 2006, 23h25 por KeithJenner

    Welcome to the 9th and final part of my concert list. If anyone was actually reading this then I’m sure a loud cheer would be heard throughout last.fm at the news that this is the end of these journals. They’ve been fun to do though and have brought back some great memories, so I’m glad that I’ve done them. I’d encourage anyone else to do something similar if you fancy it. When I started I thought that it was probably a bit sad, but one of the great things about last.fm is you can write whatever you want and if nobody is interested it really doesn’t matter.

    At the end of the last part, which went up to 1999, I had pretty well stopped going to gigs. Other than an annual trip to The Royal Albert Hall to see the Bootleg Beatles (who are a lot of fun, if not exactly cutting edge stuff), I hadn’t been to a proper gig since 1996. The main activity in this part, which covers from 2000 to now, was in 2001 when, for some reason we started going to gigs again.

    Anyway, on with the list.

  • Concert List 1993

    Ago 7 2006, 21h23 por KeithJenner

    Well, after a short break whilst last.fm lost and then found the other parts of this series, it’s on to part 6, which covers the year 1993. It was another busy concert going year with 20 gigs in all.

    21st January 1993 – Obsession – Wokingham Plaza

    This must have just been because we fancied a night out, as I have no memory of the band at all.

    8th February 1993 – Bob Dylan – Hammersmith Odeon

    My first Bob Dylan concert. I had started collecting his music a year or two earlier, but was quite sceptical about seeing him live due to the fact that he sounds like Popeye when singing live. However, it was a really good show.

    13th April 1993 – Dan Baird – Wokingham Plaza

    The Georgia Satellites had split up and Dan Baird released a solo album. I had missed a live show in London and, having had to listen to tales about it from a friend, that was no way I was going to miss this too.

    Just about every journal I write seems to include a pitch for Dan Baird, but he deserves it. …