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The Chicago-based duo of Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa conjure an alluring brew of R&B and dance music. Heartbreak never sounded so blissful, and contemporary electronic music rarely sounds so sumptuously melancholic.

Both members carry considerable musical backgrounds individually. Born in Austin and eventually raised in California, Via’s parents played in a reggae band well into her teens, and at 14, she began making music on her own. Via eventually linked up with the THEMPeople and Savemoney collectives, moving out to Chicago in 2010 and releasing the DeathViaLove EP with THEMPeople in 2014.

Chicago-born Na’el began DJ’ing before he even reached his teenage years. He started producing at the age of 13 and spent most of his high school years making music with friends. At just 16 two of his songs were licensed for a Bravo reality TV series. Na’el eventually began producing and engineering professionally and went on to contribute to Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap mixtape along with engineering for Kanye West’s remix of Chief Keef’s colossal “I Don’t Like.”

The duo eventually came to meet while Na’el was working on Jean Deaux’s Soular System project. They went into the studio and began collaborating on music with no rules. Just two musicians allowing each other to be free to express themselves. DRAMA was born out of their desire to create something truly fresh and engaging.

Drama’s moody sound has been described as soulful electronic combining influences of house music, indie, neo-soul, pop and R&B. Their melancholy lyrics are a reflection of their own personal experiences relating to love and heartbreak. Together they make what they love to call “Happy-Sad Music”.

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