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  • Data de nascimento

    15 Outubro 1985 (idade 32)

  • Local de nascimento

    North Carolina, Estados Unidos

Cory Hunter Asbury is an American Christian musician, worship pastor and songwriter. He serves as a worship pastor at Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is a member of the Bethel Music collective.
Starting out as an intern with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri in 2005, Asbury's career as a musician proliferated as he collaborated with Matt Gilman leading to the release of Holy in 2008, followed by his debut solo album titled Let Me See Your Eyes in 2009 through Forerunner Music as well as making numerous appearances on IHOPKC albums, with songs such as "Where I Belong", "Shekinah", "All Is for Your Glory" and "Holy Ghost Party". In June 2012, Cory Asbury had moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to join New Life Church where he began serving as an associate worship pastor, thus becoming a member of its ensembles, New Life Worship and Desperation Band.
After signing with Bethel Music in 2015, Asbury went on to make his debut feature with the Collective on Have It All (2016). Asbury became prominent with release of "Reckless Love" in late 2017, a hit single that preceded his breakthrough second full-length album, also titled Reckless Love, in early 2018 which was a commercially successful release, having charted in the United States and internationally.

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