• 5 Picks with Mano Le Tough

    Jul 9 2010, 10h25 por zero-inch


    Disco-infused house music stands a good chance of becoming the predominant sound on dance-floors this summer. Of Irish origin and now living in Berlin, Mano Le Tough belongs to a new generation of young artists who fuse sugar-sweet synth lines and contemporary house beats with sprinkles of soulful melancholy.

    Interest in Mano's productions has been rapidly growing, not only in the German capital but also in Scandinavia, where Prins Thomas has signed the up and coming producer to his well-known internasjonal label.
    His debut for Internasjonal, 2009's 'Warhorn EP' was followed up by 'Oblique' this June, which included a remix by Parisian house starsChâteau Flight. More of his emotional, yet highly danceable tracks appeared on Mirau Musik and most recently on Dirt Crew Recordings, who released Mano's 'Baby Let's Love' single this week.

    With a schedule that's getting busier by the day…
  • Julien Jabre - Talking Walls EP

    Out 16 2008, 11h45 por sultanelturrah

    Julien Jabre est de retour sur Defected. Après son succès international avec War sur Elias Productions (son propre label) en quasi rupture de stock permanente, son Swimming Places sorti sur son label en 2005 avant d'être réédité par Defected en 2006 et D:Vision en 2007, le français n'allait pas s'arrêter en si bon chemin et nous propose donc son Talking Walls.

    Julien Jabre est non seulement connu comme ce talentueux producteur mais aussi comme ingénieur son au côté de Château Flight (duo formé par Gilb'R et I:Cube), pour ses collaborations avec DJ Deep et DJ Gregory (avec qui il forme le duo Soha) et ... (Lire la suite)
  • A very best of 2006 list!

    Dez 4 2006, 23h56 por chicken_dance

    It's my turn now to write a Last.fm journal entry. For me, it's the right time to make a review of 2006 before the new exams strike again. Rewinding a previous year's music and choosing some of them as "best" has always been extremely fun for me. Actually 2006 was a vigorous and exciting year for the music scene. I can say that this year's music was much more interesting then the previous ones. (maybe last 5-6 years) Blame easy-to-use music softwares, high-tech preamps, or just Timbaland; now the music is more identifiable. It's easy to recognize that most of the music belongs to our period, that's new!

    OK, here's my list. 20 LP's and 20 Ep's show that i'm still dominated by the thought of jazz/funk and latin impacted minimal house, crunchy cold kliky ambient & idm, fat-bass driven techno (and some nu-disco) and of course post-post-post-post-rock.

    + sorry Max Richter, i'm skipping you until your next release.


    01 - Acid Casuals - Omni
    02 - Kaada - Music For Moviebikers
  • Acquisitions, pt. 1: How to dive into the deeper end of the pool that is French…

    Mar 7 2006, 4h10 por abend

    In reply to my request for help I got a veritable cacophony of French sounds. Thanks to the french last.fm peeps that led me through what seemed at first like the dark caves of a foreign scene...

    Birdy Nam Nam
    Turntablism influenced hip-hop production from these four DJs. Very easy to listen to and very accessible to non-French speaking audiences (it's all instrumental). The last album Birdy Nam Nam is slick, with tight production, especially on the funky Too Much Skunk Tonight. This is a must.

    Spir tells me it took Debmaster 3 years to put together his debut Zoo on the Hipnotik Records label, mainly because of overseas collaborators like Australia's Curse Ov Dialect, US' Mark Giovanni aka Subtitle and France's own Donkishot. I love the way the album opens up with the terribly catchy, bouncy and a little glitchy electro track La fuite. The amazing thing is the way that the whole album, despite it's 3 year birthing process, maintains a sonic coherence from beginning to end. …
  • Crash Test

    Set 1 2005, 9h30 por nco_

    Génial ! Fabuleux ! Dindonnesque ! Je viens de découvrir l'EP de La Caution en collaboration avec le groupe électro Chateau Flight, Crash Test. Avec 3 ans de retard, certes... Mais c'est pas le plus important. Ca déchire, 2 morceaux instrumentaux et 3 chansons de génie, rien de moins (particulièrement Désert Et Lézards, un morceau incroyablement puissant), dans ce court EP, que je vous surconseille... Personnellement je l'écoute en boucle, c'est démentiel...