• A Horribly Biased Guide to Good Trance (with Genre Escapades)

    Jul 16 2008, 12h45 por TowerU

    One of the things about trance many people don't know is that it's an incredibly broad genre. I'm not even talking psytrance here, but more "western" subgenres like progressive trance, tech trance, acid trance, euphoric/uplifting trance (I fail to see the difference between euphoric and uplifting), deep trance, chill trance, dream trance, hardtrance and probably countless other names I have hardly got a clue about. This makes trance, as a genre, very difficult to encompass within the borders of a list based upon the taste of one person. I don't know a single trance lover who hasn't got a bias towards two or three trance subgenres. I know I have.
    Why is it of any use at all for me, then, to make a list of what I consider good trance tracks? It can by no means ever be exhaustive and it will draw upon certain genres, regions and eras more than other.

    Well, I have read into a few lists that are on (I recommend you to check out Addicted2Melody's as well as Jatup's for starters…