• Symphonic Metal

    Nov 24 2006, 16h46 por SpHaeR

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    Symphonic Metal
    An extensional part of "A Guide To Metal" by SpHaeR, november 2006
    Updated the 29th of November, 2006 - Added Haggard (thank you caedes)

    This guide is for those who enjoy symphonic metal. I will try to recommend bands that you may now know yet, and thereby help you in discovering symphonic metal and even beyond the borders of this genre. Because you probably already know the basics of what symphonic metal entails, I will skip this part. I will only say that in this guide, I consider symphonic bands to be any band that uses elements of classical music.


    Because their are so much bands that have symphonic elements, I have marked the bands that really stand out on symphony with a red exclamation mark (!). …