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Bosques de mi Mente (or, "Forests of my Mind") is the solo project of Nacho, a composer and musician from Madrid, Spain. He is also a member of the Spanish minimalist/experimental band, Nöno.

Nacho officially began recording music for this project in mid-2007, however, has claimed that his first song "…began to take shape in late October as I watched the raindrops falling from an ash-gray sky through my window."

Before creating Bosques de mi Mente, Nacho was also a member of Myzar, an ambient and instrumental rock band created in August 2006 in Murcia, Spain. Nacho left this group in April 2007, for reasons he described as "… involved 100%… and it was not enough, apparently", but otherwise would not go into the specifics.

The music created by Bosques de mi Mente is categorized as Post-Rock, often falling under the Minimalist, Experimental, and Ambient stylistic origins of this genre.

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