• Favorite Albums of 2K6... Yeah, blah, I know, get over it.

    Dez 25 2006, 9h34 por fridgey

    Haven't put anything up on here in awhile, so thought I'd stick my 2k6 list up, originally posted here... A list of the best individual cuts can also be found here... Enjoy!

    What a year of music.. Last year this time I was hunting through the year's albums for stuff to fill out this list, this year I'm kicking discs by Tool and The Flaming Lips off the list. Though I must admit, there weren't as many truly amazing albums this time around, there were a ton of really good ones. Anyway, lots of great stuff this year, and while I certainly haven't heard all of it yet, these are the 20 best cuts I have heard, and they're all high in quality, low in suck. Anyway, here they are, my 20 favorite albums to come out in the last year, with poorly written descriptions of why I like them, too!

    1. Girl Talk - Night Ripper

    Yes, that's right, my number 1 album of the entire year is a disc full of mashups. But seriously now, these aren't just any mashups…