• Top Albums of 2011

    Dez 31 2011, 20h22 por BackBayBrouhaha

    I think this year I need to put a disclaimer on my Top 10 list:
    My musical tastes change. If you had asked me to make this in the beginning of December, Codes and Keys wouldn't have even made it onto the list. It's very hard to write these and not want to change your mind months later. I looked back at my 2010 list before I made this and saw that I put The Suburbs by Arcade Fire in an Honorable Mention. Whoops. Then again it was truly because I couldn't get away with making a Top 11 of 2010. Looking back though, I should have probably swapped it for MGMT's Congratulations.

    Anyway, this is, of course, completely my opinion. I tried to be as objective as possible, ranking them based on not only which ones I enjoy the most but which ones perhaps just have better musical merit than the others.

    [10] Bon Iver - Bon Iver


    Bon Iver has finally been recognized by the mainstream media…