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BiS, short for Brand-new idol Society or Shinsei Idol Kenkyuukai (新生アイドル研究会) in Japanese, is a so-called unorthodox idol group produced by Kenta Matsukuma, who creates their distinctive rock-based sound. Beginning as the pet project of solo artist Pour Lui in late 2010, BiS was first unveiled as a four-member unit in December, later debuting with the free digital single "Taiyou no Jumon" in January and releasing their first album two months later on March 23, 2011. Their image quickly became controversial with their extreme PVs and performance style, and since their formation, they've experienced multiple line-ups. BiS currently consists of five members: leader Pour Lui, first-generation member Nozomi Hirano (Nonchan), second-generation member Yufu Terashima (Yuffy), and third-generation members Yurika Wakisaki (Wacky) and Rio Michibayashi (Mitchel). As of 2012, they've been signed to Avex and will make their major debut in July.

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