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    Jul 25 2007, 4h28 por nat_gunji

  • playback gear

    Jan 4 2006, 7h01 por hasuf

    forgive this entry. i'm about to geek out a bit.

    so what are people using to listen to music?

    here's my setup:

    i have a home office, so i listen to music mostly on the computer. i use the excellent amarok as my music player on fedora core 6. in fact, it's thru amarok that i found out about audioscrobbler! i feed the digital signal from a Santa Cruz sound card to an Onkyo TX-S575X receiver, and that's got a pair of energy take FPSs. The bass module from a Cambridge Soundworks THX 250D 2.1 set pulls in some low freqs.

    next is my living room setup. i have a squeezebox 2sending analog signals to a pair of Outlaw Audio M200 monoblock amps. and to the amps i have a pair of omnisat v2 sat speakers. i also have an anthony gallo mps-150 subwoofer. the living room is my favorite place to enjoy music, and the speakers sound (and look) great.

    i'm a big fan of slimdevices... in the kitchen, i've got another squeezebox 2 hooked up to an old receiver with a couple of mirage nano sats. …