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  • Data de nascimento

    17 Julho 1974 (idade 44)

  • Local de nascimento

    Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Holanda

BASTIAN are an Italian rock metal band, formed in Sicily in 2003, by guitarist and songwriter Sebastiano Conti. In their first debut album, the band wanted to start in a big way, inviting in the project recording big international stars of rock and metal world. Real giants of the rock and metal music. We talk about the american singers Michael Vescera and Mark Boals (both ex Malmsteem) and the drummers Vinny Appice (ex Dio, Black Sabbath), Thomas Lang (Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes) and John Macaluso (ex Riot, Tnt, Malmsteen).
“Among my Giants”, is the title of the album. Title, that recalls the participation in the project of these great musicians. On bass guitar the sicilian bass player Corrado Giardina.
The album contains a mix of rock and hard rock, reminiscent of the old Black Sabbath and Rainbow. No shortage the ballads in the Led Zeppelin style and some blues nuances in some guitar solo.
Fourteen intense songs that recall the vintage seventies sound in one modern key.
The album was almost recorded at Metropolis Studio in Siracusa (Sicily) by drum teacher Giuseppe Leggio (who also recorded four songs on the album). Mixed by Giuseppe Leggio and Sebastiano Conti. Mastering by Maurizio Biancani at the Fonoprint Studio Bologna.
The current live line-up for the Europe is: Sebastiano Conti guitar, Corrado Giardina bass guitar, Sebastiano Luciano voice and Stefano Ruscica drum

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