• Modern Murder Ballads

    Fev 16 2008, 3h14 por heatherc

    There have pretty much always been murder ballads in folk and country music. Songs like Omie Wise (and its name variations), Stack O' Lee (and its name variations), and, to bring things slightly more up-to-date, Folsum Prison Blues, have been covered innumerable times. But these types of songs are still being written and ought to be recognized and covered just like their traditional counterparts. Here’s a mix of some murder ballads from the past 25 years that, with any justice, will still be performed by people in another 100. (I had to go back that far because the song that inspired this mix was Flowers In The Dell, which was released in 1983.) I’m sure I’m missing lots of great choices, but I have a problem of starting things and not finishing them so I wanted to get this done before I got distracted.

    Modern Murder Ballads

    1. Flowers In The Dell - Fred Eaglesmith
    2. Murder In The Afternoon - Peter Bruntnell
    3. The Kindness of Strangers - Nick Cave
  • Top concerts of 2006

    Jan 1 2007, 20h43 por heatherc

    After reading through the beginning of my list, it will soon become clear why I'm choosing to list more than just my top 10 shows of 2006. I went to about 125 this year (all festivals and such counted once per day) so I think very highly of every show listed in this top 30, in fact there were a whole bunch of other really great shows not listed. All shows were in Chicago unless otherwise noted. (I've already written about all the Okkervil River shows and shows from August forward so I won't cover those again.)

    1. Okkervil River - Schubas 10/7

    2. Okkervil River - Sons of Hermann Hall, Dallas, 8/18

    3. Okkervil River - Carousel Lounge, Austin 8/20

    4. Okkervil River - Schubas 10/8

    5. Billy Bragg (w/Otis Gibbs) - Aladdin Theatre, Portland 10/2

    6. Billy Bragg - sxsw, Cedar Street Courtyard, Austin 3/17 - SXSW is such a blur and there's so much great music that only the most extraordinary shows ever end up in my year-end list (in my 5 years of attendance, the only other one was British Sea Power in 2003). …
  • 2006 Year-End Mix

    Dez 24 2006, 14h09 por heatherc

    Every year I create a year-end mix. The first disk is two songs from each of my top 10 albums. The second disk is one song from each of my next 20 favorites (including things I don't put in my top 10 like retrospectives and EPs). Here's the download links and track listing:

    THE BEST - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PNEZBTFX
    1. Shearwater - Hail, Mary (from Palo Santo) (5:11)
    2. Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea (from Palo Santo) (2:58)
    3. Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail (from What The Toll Tells) (5:46)
    4. Two Gallants - Steady Rollin' (from What The Toll Tells) (4:28)
    5. Frida Hyvönen - Straight Thin Line (from Until Death Comes) (3:35)
    6. Frida Hyvönen - Djuna! (from Until Death Comes) (2:36)
    7. The Coup - I Love Boosters (from Pick A Bigger Weapon) (3:45)
    8. The Coup - We Are The Ones (from Pick A Bigger Weapon) (4:15)
    9. Lily Allen - Friday Night (from Alright, Still) (3:06)
    10. Lily Allen - LDN (from Alright, Still) (3:10)