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Idle Delilah is the first track by Azealia Banks off of her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste. From Azealia's Twitter: "Idle Delilah is the daughter of a farmed white slave owner in the 1900's who was killed by her own father's slaves. I wrote a fable edition of Broke With Expensive Taste, like some real mother goose shit. Idle Delilah's father is a famed slave owner in the early 1900's (America). Delilah is his favorite child. Delilah's mother, Lillith, knew of the hatred her father had created for himself in the town by a pro-slavery activist. One day, the white man's slaves grow tired of his bad treatment and decide to kill his favorite daughter, Delilah, as payback. They covered her small body in black tar and a white cloth with two red bows. She was found dead in the forest by the town drunkards. So the dead Idle Delilah, the one i'm singing of in the song, is defined as a spirit of time. She represents procrastination. She lives behind doors and hides in garbage cans. Her favorite day is Wednesday and her favorite number is 3. She likes red hair barrettes and clear sodas. Playing Jacks, is the most direct and clear form of divination for Idle Delilah. Idle Delilah works best in the playground. to conjure her, visit a playground at 3am with a red candle and two red bows in hard. Leave 3¢. She was six years old when she was murdered." Azealia performed the track at the Coachella in 2015.

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