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Ari Hest is an American singer-songwriter and a native of Riverdale in the Bronx borough of New York.

While attending NYU, Ari began to focus on his musical career by touring colleges and clubs across the United States. Under his own independent recording label, Project 4, Ari released one EP, Incomplete and two albums, Come Home and Story After Story, selling approximately 20,000 CDs. In March 2004, Hest signed a recording contract with Columbia. He recorded his first studio album Someone To Tell with producer David Kos Rolfe, which was followed by a five-song EP "Guilty Hearts EP" in the fall of 2005. His sixth album, The Green Room Sessions, was recorded on a laptop personal computer using Apple's GarageBand software. Ari performed all vocals and instruments to include acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and percussion for this album. Ari sometimes gives demonstrations of GarageBand at Apple Stores that are both free and open to the public. Ari has completed the recording of his seventh album, The Break-In with producer Mitchell Froom. A single from the album I've Got You was released on Apple's iTunes in January 2007 and the full-length album was released by Columbia in May of that year.

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