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Andrew Weiss is a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer based in New York.

In his songwriting, Weiss clings to and cherishes moments of intimacy, hard conversations, and emotional currency. A classic glow silhouettes Weiss’s storytelling. He fuses such a throwback warmth and charm right into the work, while offering new perspectives on tried and true subjects. His influences run the gamut - from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers to Cheap Trick to Buffalo Springfield to The Byrds.

Self-taught on the many instruments he knows how to play, Weiss’s journey sprouted from early exposure to The Beatles, which recently came full circle after a spontaneous run-in and 20 minute conversation with Paul McCartney. He began picking guitar and writing songs at only seven years old, and he would later play in various bands throughout his youth. The Strat, for which Weiss was the drummer/vocalist, wrote the theme song for the National Custom Car Association, while releasing a self titled EP in 2006. Later, in 2009, he formed a solo endeavor called High Fascination and wrote, recorded and mixed four pop/rock-leaning albums alone in his bedroom.

A Long Island native, Weiss earned his undergraduate degree in Music Theory and Composition at New York University. During his studies, he wrote music for films and various ensembles. Weiss’s High Fascination work also continued there, and he eventually discovered a group of musicians to join him. Four more albums were released during Weiss’s time at NYU, before the musical style soon shifted to a more Americana-driven approach, or “power pop-icana” as Weiss calls it. High Fascination ultimately folded to make way for a new project, as a brand new circle of friends and musicians emerged. Weiss was on a quest to offer a fresh take on the sound of early 1970s Laurel Canyon folk rock, blended with the sound of late 70s power pop. Soon enough, Andrew Weiss and Friends was born.

The band, whose moniker honors music’s essential pairing with camaraderie, played countless gigs in the coming years - most notably the 2016 Outlaw Roadshow, which featured Rob Thomas and Counting Crows. Their first record The Honeymoon Suite arrived in late 2018, and to celebrate, they performed an album release show opening for The Spin Doctors at the legendary venue My Father’s Place - old stomping grounds for such music icons as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and The Police when their respective careers were only just beginning to take shape.

This particular album release show was a turning point for the group. “One of the head investors was in the audience, and while we were playing, he looked at the owner and said, ‘Why are these guys the opening act? They’re amazing. They should be headlining,’” Weiss recalls. “So, right after that, the owner booked us for a headline show.” Andrew Weiss and Friends headlined My Father’s Place this past July to a sold-out crowd and released their second album The Golden Age of Love & Chemistry in March 2020.

Weiss also plays drums in the Andrew Weiss Jazz Trio, who have a weekly residency at City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill in Long Island, NY. In 2017, he played drums in the pit band for PITS: The Unauthorized Holes Musical during its three month residency at the People's Improv Theatre in New York City. Weiss also does session work, playing drums and guitar for local Long Island & New York City artists, as well as playing all electric guitar and bass parts for Italian singer/songwriter Greta Mariani’s releases since 2015.

Weiss’ observations on love, life, and happiness are vital reminders that music is, in fact, a healing agent for us all.

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