• Burning Dervish Vol 18

    Mar 2 2008, 16h34 por burningdervish


    I had an opportunity to meet one of my musical heroes last Monday through my job...That's always a dicey proposition, you never know how it's going to go...this time it was a real blast, a treat, a highlight...

    Anyway, this guy is known as a pretty heavy music geek, so I made him a mix CD of some obscure R&B tracks...he was psyched.

    The track list:

    1. Knockin' At The Wrong Door by The Rollers
    2. Too Far Gone (Alt. Take) by The Four Mints
    3. I'll Take Her by Eddie Floyd
    4. She's A Burgler by Howard Tate
    5. Just Enough To Hurt Me by Astors
    6. After Laughter by Wendy Rine
    7. Rain, Rain, Go Away by Bob Azzam & His Orchestra
    8. When The Lights Are Low by The Paragons
    9. Don't Be Surprised by Lynn Williams
    10. See And Don't See by Marie Queenie Lyons
    11. Let My People Go by Darondo
    12. Inspiration Information by Shuggie Otis
    13. If I Had My Way by Boscoe