• The Flu

    Dez 13 2006, 22h20 por beef_durante

    In the bed with The Flu*(no they're not an obscure indie band)so playing more stuff than normal on the laptop as the living room and the decent Hi Fi seem to be a million miles away. If only I could train the cat to make a cup of tea everything would be fine.Playing my MP3 player through the laptop while I play meaningless games and catch up on my reading means my stats for this site are consequently mounting up(along with my boredom).I've been stockpiling a number of Murakami books for such a period of immobility and am enjoying them enormously, he's one of the very few authors that you can read agagin and again without getting weary of their prose style.Murakami
    I normally wouldn't bother writing this stuff (it's kinda like talking to the wall...'though I think the wall may have wittier ripostes) but tedium and fever do funny things to the brain (as well as playing havoc with your skin). The MP3 thing has also began to wane and have been forced to don an innapropriate housecoat to sally…