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"So I've recorded a few tracks for my new band "A PERMANENT HOLIDAY" (not to be confused with bands with similar names, we have no music on the net YET!!) and I'm fucking stoked on them. For all the Mest fans: I appreciate your dedication to me as a singer/songwriter/frontman, but the truth is my new band is nothing like Mest"

It's just music. It's not your life, it's not a movement, it's not a lifestyle. The way you live is a lifestyle- not the clothes you wear, the way you look, or the bands you listen to. No matter how much you wanna argue, your hair style, the clothes you wear, and the bands you've liked have changed within the past 7 years. All of that is just part of life. Have a good time. Quit trying to belong. Don't worry about people accepting you, cuz you have to accept yourself first.

By Anthony Lovato.

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