• New Music for 01/18/07

    Jan 19 2007, 2h52 por kampf

    I got a stack of discs yesterday, most of them from artists I'd never heard of. Thankfully there's a good deal of good music to be found this week.

    Funkstörung - Appendix

    Funkstörung has broken up, but they still have some material to release. This album is a collection of remixes done for a variety of artists. Highlights include interesting and clever treatments of All Is Full Of Love, Heaven, and Sustain, my favorite on the disc. The only tracks to fall short of keen are Trick Or Treat and Love in a Trashcan.

    Herbert - 100lbs

    This is a re-release of 100 Lbs which includes a bonus disc. 1995 was the early years of House music, but the music can hardly be called dated, even 12 odd years later. Friday They Dance and Deeper are my picks from the original disc, while I'll Do It and Trafalgar Road make impressions on the bonus disc as original works, not remixes. A few odd tracks, like Fishcoteque, may sound a bit beep-bloopy, but they're certainly interesting.

    Deerhunter - Crytograms
  • The 2006 Awards

    Jan 9 2007, 1h35 por Bleekster

    The 2006 awards. These are nominations for the Best of Dance/Electronic music of 2006 according to what I’ve heard and these are based purely on my opinion.

    Nominee’s for the EP of the year (With tracklisting):
    1. Hustle Athletics – Lekker EP
    Fearless Funk
    Feel For You
    San Francisco

    2. Hybrid – I Choose Noise EP
    Just for Today
    Last Man Standing

    3. Freestylers – Painkiller EP
    Painkiller (Radio Edit)
    Painkiller (Ed Solo & Skool of Thought Mix)

    4. The Rogue Element – Dead Drummers EP
    Dead Drummers
    The Moves

    Winner: Hustle Athletics – Lekker
    The Dutch Drum and bass trio of Noisia have proven that they aren’t just a Drum and Bass producing outfit, but also a House and Breakbeat producing powerhouse. In Danish Lekker means – Nice, and their EP Lekker is exactly that, nice.

    We are first treated to a very upbeat and quick house/breakbeat track ‘Fearless Funk’ which has a sampled vocals from what seems to be the old days of the Australian…