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  • Data de nascimento

    12 Junho 1996 (idade 21)

Kim Seokjin (Hangul: 김석진), better known by his stage name Jin, is a vocalist and the visual of BTS. He is the oldest member of BTS, being born on the 4th of December 1992 (age 25). Jin made his debut on June 13, 2013, as a member of BTS on Mnet's M! Countdown with the track "No More Dream" from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. Together with the members of BTS, he went on to win a series of awards and performed at several events such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). In 2015, he enrolled at Konkuk University in southeastern Seoul, majoring in film. He graduated in February, 2017. He is currently pursuing further studies at Hanyang Cyber University.

Jin was born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on December 4, 1992. He has one older brother, Kim Seok Jung. It was him that introduced Jin into the world of Hip-Hop. Previous to joining the band, Jin had intentions to work at his father's company. However, he was scouted on the streets due to his otherworldly appearance.

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