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  • Data de nascimento

    16 Maio 1972 (idade 50)

  • Local de nascimento

    Hokkaido, Japão

Hideki Naganuma (長沼 英樹, Naganuma Hideki, born May 16, 1972) is a Japanese composer, DJ, and remixer who primarily does work for video game soundtracks. Naganuma is best known for his score for the game Jet Set Radio and sequel Jet Set Radio Future. He has also contributed various tracks to western indie games such as Hover and Lethal League Blaze, both of which take inspiration from Jet Set Radio. He was nominated for the Golden Joystick Award for Soundtrack of the Year for his work on the 2005 release Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS.

He also composed "Love Sensation" and "Sky-2-High" for the anime Air Gear under the alias of skankfunk, also serving as a supervisor for its soundtrack. In 2012, he contributed the track "LUV CAN SAVE U" for the 20th installment of the arcade rhythm game Beatmania IIDX, produced by Konami and part of the Bemani series. He has also contributed to indie games such as Hover and Lethal League Blaze.

In 2000, he served as the lead composer for Jet Set Radio, serving as his breakthrough work. He took inspiration from big beat music for the game. He would go on to compose for its sequel Jet Set Radio Future in 2002, along with Ollie King in 2003, also developed by Smilebit. In 2005, he composed for Sonic Rush, working under Teruhiko Nakagawa's sound direction. The following year, he was responsible for music supervision and composing two tracks for the anime adaption of Air Gear, itself being influenced by Jet Set Radio. For contractual reasons, he used the "skankfunk" alias as he was still employed at Sega at the time. After working in the Yakuza Game Series, he left Sega to become a freelance composer. He has continued to work on Sega titles under the skankfunk alias, including Kurohyō: Ryū ga Gotoku Shinshō and Super Monkey Ball 3D. He has expressed a desire to create an original album.

During the mid-to-late 2010s, he has developed popularity on the social network site Twitter, where he frequently interacts with fans and posts memes related to Jet Set Radio and Family Guy. He was set to compose for Streets of Rage 4, but due to schedule complications he withdrew from the project in 2020. He will compose for indie game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which is largely inspired by Jet Set Radio and is set to be released in 2021.

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