• toe.

    Dez 2 2006, 13h12 por candoh

    they have restored my love for post-rock. well they would have if it had ever died. they remind me a bit of Tortiose which is funny because there is a Tortiose side project under the name TOE as well.

    i can't put my finger on a specific reason why i am really like them, and why this like is surpassing other post-rock that i have been listening to recently. I think it could have to do with the jazziness of it.

    anyway because i have always wanted to do this favorite bands/abc bullshit... i'll tack it on here. i am going with current favorite not all time favorite (and the difference between the two will, obviously, only be known to me).

    # - 8mm Sky
    A - Asobi Seksu
    B - Blonde Redhead
    C - 曹芳
    D - Deerhoof
    E - Elf Fatima
    F - Future Sound Of London
    G - Gillian Welch
    H - Hoahio
    I - Ikue Mori
    J - Jill Scott
    K - Kiiiiiii
    L - Limited Express (has gone?)
    M - 范曉萱
    N - Ni Hao!
    O - Out Hud
    P - Paris Match
    Q - The Quails
    R - Red Bacteria Vacuum
    S - Sawako
  • c-pop

    Set 27 2006, 3h26 por candoh

    within the past week i have become increasingly more interested in chinese pop (mostly indie, but mainstream as well).

    i am discovering that i like the sound of the chinese language more than japanese. not that they were ever competing - not like i was ever annoyed with japanese. just a little something i happened to take notice of.

    further more i think i like the sound of madarin over cantonese - yet i am still not 100% if i can tell the two apart. i have not yet taken that test i suppose.

    i think it started with My Little Airport, and now i just started to listen to 曹芳 aka Cao Fang. i am in the process of getting a hold of more albums by more artists so i guess i will see where it takes me.

    is anyone else annoyed when there are two seperate pages for foreign artists? i would love to tag all my music in the language from which the artist came, but it isn't helpful to me at all when i can not read that language or type in it - it makes it impossible to find them in my itunes music library.