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Band ja Naimon! (バンドじゃないもん!) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2012. They are also known as as Banmon! (バンもん!). Their fans are called “monster” (もんスター).
There are currently 6 members. Each has been assigned a color.

The original members, Misako and Kacchan, were known for performing together with twin drums on stage.
They released their debut single Chocolat Love (ショコラ・ラブ) in February 2013.
3 new girls (Ramune, Ringo, and Gumi) joined the idol unit in May 2013.
Kacchan graduated from the group in September 2013 in order to become an actress, and one month later in October, Miyu joined the idol group.

Mizutama Ramune graduated from the idol unit in April 2014. She was replaced by 2 new members; Amanatsu Yuzu and Amaterasu Oomomoko (Takeuchi Momoko). Momoko is also known as Chanmomo (ちゃんもも◎). She is a fashion model, a talento, a radio announcer and a DJ.

Band ja Nai mon! released their 1st full album in April 2015.
The idol group was transferred from Warner Music to Pony Canyon label in January 2016.
The single "Kimemaster! / Kimochi Dake Sanka Shimasu", released in May 2016, marked their 2nd major label debut.

Current members:
Suzuki Misako (鈴姫みさこ) – Pink
Koishio Ringo (恋汐りんご) – Red
Nanase Gumi (七星ぐみ) – Light Blue
Mochizuki Miyu (望月みゆ) – Green
Amanatsu Yuzu (甘夏ゆず) – Yellow
Oomomoko Sunrise (大桃子サンライズ) – Blue

Former Members:
Kaneko Saori (金子沙織) (Kacchan)
Mizutama Ramune (水玉らむね)

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