• A new Russian obsession

    Fev 19 2007, 9h03 por bonaci

    And again, I find myself listening to Russian music like crazy: A-Studio this time. This is because of Youtube... Found a video dedicated to Murat Nasyrov ( Мурат Насыров ) after his death and there was a related video with him singing Ping-Pong Boy at their party. I fell in love with the song and decided to download some of their songs. Was sure it would be something yucky, but fell in love with some of it, even with guitar tracks a bit too heavy for me.

    I don't really fancy the idea of Polina Griffits (also spouse of Nevergreen lead singer) joining the band, liked the old version with boys only (and their classic - Нелюбимая ("Unloved")), but it's still much better than anything I've heard from Russians for a long time.