Would you date a non Vegan/Vegetarian?

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    • Out 10 2008, 14h53

    Would you date a non Vegan/Vegetarian?

    Now let me firstly say i'm not a Vegan or Vegetarian. Though i've always wondered vegetarians/vegans views on dating someone who is a meat eater?

    This topic actually originates from my cousin who is a vegan and actively sought out another vegan to date and eventually marry, stating she would never marry someone who doesn't follow the same path as her! Now I found this, well, pathetic to a certain extent, at the end of the day it's like judging some one by their religion or ethnical background, I don't mean to offend but this is my opinion on the matter!

    However, on another note my partner is a Vegetarian and she has no issues dating me and never has, though 75%/80% of the time either of us cook we don't use meat products as i'm quite happy to not eat meat.

    So my question is after all this would you judge someone by their choice to be a carnivore or not?

  • I am unashamed to say I would not date a carnivore.
    I was Vegetarian for 14 years and have been Vegan for three.
    I have dated carnivorous folk in my past, and never had a problem and loved them for who they were, but I am now older and my relationships are becoming more serious (friendships and love interests).
    I see a future with whom I choose to spend my time with, and it is important for me to share common interests and beliefs with the ones I share my heart with.
    Being Vegan is an instrumental part of who I am and what I have experienced; being able to share that with someone and have them genuinely understand is something I have enjoyed.
    "Pathetic" is the word you chose...Let me assure you there is nothing pathetic about knowing yourself enough to know what you want, and what you are not willing to compromise.

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    • Out 10 2008, 19h14
    Pathetic, I agree was the wrong choice of words and I apologise for that.

    As much as I understand your desire to have someone who has the same beliefs with you and I fully accept that, I do have one question for you, that being if you fell in love with someone and you were compatible in almost all ways bar the fact he/she wasn't a vegetarian/vegan, would this stop you from loving him/her?!

    Also when you state 'frienships' does this mean that becoming simple friends with someone can be affected by whether or not they are Vegetarian?!

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    • Out 10 2008, 21h47
    I probably wouldn't date a omnivorous, but if I did I don't think I would be able to make it a long lasting relationship. As for vegetarians friends, I currently don't have any, but I really would like to have a few, or to convert one of my friends.

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  • I am. But she's not like super carnivore or anything, so whatever.

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    • Out 11 2008, 2h02
    Dating another vegan or even vegetarian would definitely be preferable. Has anyone read that article about being vegansexual?
    Meat-eaters off the menu for vegans who are looking for love

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    • Out 11 2008, 8h08
    Lol... people are free to choose whether to eat meat/dairy products or not. I respect their decisions no matter my point of you on the topic. So I don't pay any attention on that which is in the plate of my beloved one. :P
    Yes, I must admit that I would love to meet a vegan, but I don't think this would happen ever... if I decide to wait for a man with whom we share the same thoughts and ideas, I would remain single for my whole life, haha. :D
    Btw, I admire your cousin and people like her in some way. She has principles and she observes them.

  • i don't think there's anything wrong with dating people who eat meat/dairy, etc, as long as they don't force me to do the same thing. if they respect my choices, i'll respect theirs :).

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    • Out 11 2008, 10h22
    I guess it works the same the other way around aswell, my girlfriend would never force me to become a vegetarian and vice versa I would never think about converting her to a meat eater!!

  • Yeah, I would date someone who wasn't a vegetarian, except I hate it when people ask me dumb questions and try to get me to eat meat. Actually, I'd rather date a vegetarian, because although I do it all the time I don't really like being around people when they eat meat. Or cook it, or buy it. It just kind of grosses me out, cause, you know, it's dead. But if I loved or even liked someone who was an omnivore I would definitely consider dating them, cause I'm not into judging people and all that. Everyone's different, blah blah blah. But I would make sure they knew my reasons for not eating meat, and that they understood me, and that they understood never to try to get me to eat meat, cause I pretty much hate it when people do that and they know I'm a veggie.

  • I don't like to limit myself to the vegan community. What I want is someone who is open minded about my lifestyle, and trying it themselves. I want respect, maturity and intellect in regards to veganism and animal rights issues. My last boyfriend when vegetarian because of my influence, and my current one didn't even really know what a vegan was before he met me, and now he is very open and respectful of it. He eats my vegan food all of the time, but there are moments when we order pizza when he orders one with all animal products on it. He has definitely lessened his contributions to the factory farming industry, and that's all I can hope for really.

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    • Out 12 2008, 20h33
    MARYJANE- said:
    i don't think there's anything wrong with dating people who eat meat/dairy, etc, as long as they don't force me to do the same thing. if they respect my choices, i'll respect theirs :).


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    • Out 12 2008, 21h25
    kkelsey said:
    MARYJANE- said:
    i don't think there's anything wrong with dating people who eat meat/dairy, etc, as long as they don't force me to do the same thing. if they respect my choices, i'll respect theirs :).



    Even though I'm lucky enough to have found the perfect person who also happens to be vegetarian :)

  • It'd be preferable to date someone veg*, but I'm not like miltitant crazy about it.

    Respect is the key.

  • Who knows? Sometimes you fall in love and the feeling is just stronger then your rational alter-ego. I would prefer dating veg* (cause of eating together, cooking, shopping...), but if I was really in love, I wouldn't judge his eating preferences. =)

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    • Out 13 2008, 15h43
    Yeah I agree with Aamaranthine. I mean thinking about it, I prefer dating a veg, but I can't stop who I end up loving with. Especially if I don't establish from the beginning of a relationshop what is it i'm after in a partner.

    A connection that can't be ignored but ought to be explored...
  • My partner eats meat and dairy.

    I'm lucky in that he respects my choices and understands that it is a huge part of my beliefs and who I am, has listened to my reasons and done his own research regarding the animal industry, and made his own choice to continue eating animal products.

    If we're eating together he'll eat and enjoy vegan food I cook, and sometimes he cooks vegan for both of us.

    Of course I'd rather he was vegan, because as it's probably the strongest aspect of anything I believe in, I'd prefer us to share that belief. I sometimes feel that by not having a vegan partner I'm somehow letting my morals slide. However, Until I met my boyfriend I'd never found anyone with whom I'm so compatible in every way, and as long as that's the case I'm willing to accept that we differ on one key value, because the rest of our relationship is well worth it :)

  • For a long time I wouldn't, but now I would.

    I mean, finding a vegetarian or vegan partner would be cool, but I just don't care enough about other people's choices. Our individual efforts don't mean anything aside from indicating our own personal views. Maybe some people just don't see the point in vegetarianism or veganism, and I can understand that. Even as a vegan I really question it sometimes.

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    • Out 14 2008, 3h35
    modernenglish said:
    It'd be preferable to date someone veg*, but I'm not like miltitant crazy about it.

    Respect is the key.

    Well said. Exactly my position as well. Both for friendships and romantic relationships.

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    • Out 14 2008, 13h02
    I'm not sure if i could truly love someone that differed on such a key belief as veganism. I mean there are different levels of love and there are plenty of other things to love about people, but i'd always dislike their attitude towards animals and when it's such a big deal to me, how can it not affect how i think of them and hence how much i love them?

    But that would really only matter in some terrible utopia where everyone has a perfect relationship and holding hands with big smiles skipping around the place. In reality i'm sure every couple has things they dislike about eachother..

  • I've never had the fortune to find a fellow veggie, unfortunately.

    It would be ideal, for sure, but I wouldn't NOT date someone because they ate meat. Took my till i was 19 to realise this was the way for me [as in being veg] so I can't judge someone who hasn't/might never realise what it really is to eat meat. Could easily have been me who never realised, yknow?

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  • i never really saw the big issue. I mean, in the future if I get married or have a lng term serious partner, then yes, I would like them to be vegetarian/vegan.
    Right now however, I am dating a meat eater. He isn't mad about emat or anything, and has considered becoming vegetarian in the past. So maybe, just another little push =P But to be honest, I dont mind for now. As long as they're not a complete redneck pro animal suffering person. =)

  • of the many characteristics of a person that establish my desire to date her, being veg is a positive one and being into meat is a negative one, but that rarely tips the scales. most people i've dated were omnivores, but there was one vegetarian and one vegan, who coincidently were my two most intense relationships. maybe it wasn't coincidence, i've never made that connection before...

  • Actually, my boyfriend isn't vegeterian, but he respects my way, so i love him!

  • Yes, I would/have date/d a non-vegan/vegetarian. I don't believe that this should entirely limit the relationships I have, and it's not the end of the world. If I can live harmoniously with other people, then I'm splendidly happy. I do believe, however, that as I grow older, I may meet a vegan who is similarly minded to myself, whom I may be very fond of. That would be lovely, as I don't know any vegans personally, other than myself!


    He likes peanuts.
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