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The Motherworld of Popular Music—all genres and styles of popular music


Popular Music is a broad term for very different forms of music creation and
consumption, encompassing very different genres and styles. the defining criterion
for Popular Music is—popularity, music accessible to the general public
via the mass media, to some extent even capable of being created by "everybody"
without the need for a formal education in music and composition.

Popular Music is not to be confused with 'Pop' music which is a range of mainstream
styles with conventional structures, and anyone is potentially able to enjoy (or disgust)
it immediately.

Popular Music is 80% of the music we all listen to, regardless of if we call it rock,
metal, hardcore, alternative, pop, jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop, soul, funk, r&b, world,
electronic, ambient, indie, underground, soundtrack or new age. the label doesn't
make it. even some "classical" and so-called avant-garde and experimental music
belongs to the realm of Classic (mostly before 1975) or Contemporary Popular.

Contemporary Popular is the music of our time.

Motherworld's groupscafe habana—salsa & cafe del mar in cuba
cafe brasil—bossa nova, samba, latin jazz
cafe kilimanjaro—black african coffee & music
female vocalist—men with a female pitch
Havana Bar—latin house club bar music
male vocalist—women with a male pitch
Namale Lounge—my private exotic resort for leaders in music (by invitation only)

Motherworld—a SiR HendRix Group production

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