Favourite TBK song / album?

  • Favourite TBK song / album?

    I've just realised this group has been going for nearly a year now and we don't have the obligatory 'favourites' thread. So here we are:

    Really difficult to pick just one... either Girl Is On My Mind or Elevator

    Toss-up between Rubber Factory / Thickfreakness, probably would have to say Rubber Factory (with an honourable mention for Chulahoma)

  • Thickfreakness but constantly changing.

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  • Favorite album for me is definitely Thickfreakness. Had some random guy walk up to me and hand me the album a year or two ago telling me to enjoy before walking off.

    Favorite song is tough...probably Have Love, Will Travel.

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  • Song: All Hands Against His Own

    Album: Rubber Factory

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jul 13 2009, 14h24
    My favorite overall album would have to be "Magic Potion" but my favorite song from them is "All Hands Against His Own"

  • Song: Goodbye Babylon and every other song in their collection has an honorable mention

    Album: Rubber Factory

  • Song: Set You Free
    Album: Too close to call.

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  • Very tricky.

    Favorite song: Stack Shot Billy.

    Favorite album: Rubber Factory (keeping in mind that I've only heard this and Thickfreakness).

    Honourable song mentions: Set You Free, Keep Me, 10AM Automatic, No Trust, Thickfreakness, Girl is On My Mind.

  • Song, probably Same Old Thing

    Album? Tricky. I got their albums in reverse order, and I think it shows - mine would be a tossup between Attack and Release and Magic Potion, though the others are only a hair behind.

  • Album - thickfreakness, easily.

    Song - No Trust, closely followed by thickfreakness.

    thickfreakness is the perfect album opener - the slide, the distortion, the drums, the riff, perfection.

    • jconn9 disse...
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    • Fev 24 2010, 18h56
    album- thickfreakness

    song- thickfreakness (2nd place goes to "Just Got To Be"

    Also i agree entirely with "thickfreakness is the perfect album opener - the slide, the distortion, the drums, the riff, perfection."

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    • naccsa disse...
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    • Out 16 2010, 9h08
    song(s): i cant choose between 'Thickfreakness' and 'I Got Mine'

    album: 'Rubber Factory'

  • Let me make a difference.. fav songs either everywhere i go or howlin for you

    • cindogg disse...
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    • Nov 6 2010, 16h15
    "Attack And Release" is easily my favorite album, though "The Big Come Up" is a close second.
    I love so many tracks, it's hard to choose just one...
    "I Got Mine"
    "The Lengths"
    "Your Touch" and
    "Have Love Will Travel" top my list (currently).

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 24 2011, 0h11
    Album: The Big Come Up

    Song: Same Old Thing

  • Album: Rubber Factory or Thickfreakness

    Song: Psychotic Girl (of course) and The Lengths if I have to narrow it down, but there are many I could name here.

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    • AuntJen disse...
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    • Fev 1 2011, 0h35

    Album- Rubber Factory

    Song- When the lights go out

    • naccsa disse...
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    • Jun 28 2011, 2h11
    oh i think i found my favourite track

  • thickfreakness, rubber factory
    thickfreakness, have love will travel

  • Album: Rubber Factory/Magic Potion/Chulahoma just can't pick one....
    Song: Black Door, I Got Mine, These Days and many more....also quite difficult choice

  • hard question => The Big Come Up - songs => Countdown, Busted, Heavy Soul ...

    Rubber factory - When The Lights Go Out ...

    Brothers - Howlin' For You, Tighten Up ...

    El Camino - Gold On The Ceiling, Lonely Boy, Sister ...

    I guess those are the ones i really can't miss !!!

    Easy question would be => what songs u don't like of them ;-)

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