Must have been a different '70s...

  • Must have been a different '70s...

    Great show... but not because it really depicts the 70s that I remember. The music, you bet (I was a progressive-rock "air guide" during the mid to late 70s), but the lifestyle stuff was a bit different for me and my friends. Probably because we were in our very early 20s, not 30s. It seems that the protagonists were well-established in the world (with houses, "real" jobs, children, etc.) and really were people who were teenagers and twenty-somethings in the 60s and now were graduating into the real world of being a thirty-something in the 70s. As such, they were the evolution of the "flower children" into real world adults and parents.

    What's really freaky to think about is that the adult characters would probably be in their 70s today...

    Actually, the kids remind me more of my adolescence than the adults remind me of my 70s experience.

    Just goes to show you - everything cultural comes in 10 year waves, and the overlapping age ranges make our experiences different from cohort to cohort.

  • Not My 70's Either

    While I love the show (and the music) I don't remember the 70's being like that. Of course I was a teenager and we were listening to BTO, Peter Frampton, the BeeGees, David Bowie, etc... The clothes are okay to a degree but for some bizarre reason, not drug related, I remember the 70's being a mellower time. Yea we had strife and there was still the threat of nuclear war and all that other stuff, but I don't remember all the existentialism the main characters are going through.

    What I do wish is that they could get a better theme song!

  • It was sure my parents and my 70's.

    We had the same tupperware, uptight neighbors,and in 76 I was about the same age as the youngest characters. My parents were swingers, not that I knew it at the time. i just remember them being the sharpest dressers, having the coolest friends, and they all went out a lot. It was wonderful how happy my parents always were together. They were still going out dancing regularly when they were senior citizens. i love watching Tom and Trina as they remind me very much of my mom and dad.

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