Help out Orgone by tagging them!

    • zephirnl disse...
    • Usuário
    • Out 28 2009, 6h58

    Help out Orgone by tagging them!

    Orgone is having major problems on our Lastfm page with Metal tags.
    Seems like the Tech Death metal crew is angry at Orgone ;)
    Please help out to make Funk, Soul, Afrobeat tags the most popular again, by taggin Orgone!


  • Multiple Bands with the same name

    Orgone are an awesome band and I second any attempt to popularise them, make's info more accurate ... etc, etc

    However the real problem it seems is that 'Orgone' IS used as a band name by TWO metal bands, and has done (publicly) NOTHING to address the problems of bands sharing the same name.

    If you feel strongly about this I suggest you join one of the groups campaigning to change things. Start your search here ---Google Search For 'Multiple Band' campaign groups

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