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  • 403 Forbidden


    Since yesterday I am getting '403 Forbidden' when I put Mobbler online. A few articles point out that this is due to being a 3rd party app requiring payment to Last.FM, this seems wrong given that my other apps (Rhythmbox etc.) are fine. I only use it to scrobble what i'm listening to (theres a lot of music on there and it means I can get a reminder of 'that band that played that song I liked!')

    If it is the case sod it I won't bother, but it doesnt add up to me :)

    Thoughts?, Suggestions?.


  • Fixed....

    Somehow the username/password had gone.... Pity the error wasn't specific....

    • hvk disse...
    • Assinante
    • Mai 14 2011, 9h19
    Thanks for letting us know! It happened to me recently too, not sure what caused it.

  • So i got this stupid "403 forbidden"

    I checked my username and password three billion times, it's ok. Mobile internet connection itself is ok. What is it and how it get rid of it?.. ((

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    • hvk disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jun 21 2011, 10h38
    zac-allen, you probably need to remove a proxy from your access point. See the FAQ:


  • How it started to work.

    1. my S60 internet point is russian MTS Internet, phone is Nokia 5228 :-)
    2. I read all the threads but sisn't get how to change my proxy - yeas, i'm dumb lamer, i know :-).
    3. i just deleted Mobbler, set it again and start it. At first it showed me the info "Your country/provider is not supported" or smth like this. Then i played track on standard Nokia player (of course, Nokia!) and i got scrobbling!!! I can "love" track, i can visit last.fm band's pages, etc.

    What especial and logical i did? Nothing!... But if anyone experiencing problems like mine, try to reload this app.

    Good luck, take care, last.fm'ers!!

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