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Ministry of Silly Walks is a well-established branch of the British government providing funds to individuals wishing to promote and/or refine their silly walking styles....


Annual Budget
348,000,000 pounds sterling (less than national defense, social security, health, housing, and education)

Ongoing research
The Anglo-French Silly Walk (La Marche Futile)

Confirmed intelligence reports
Japanese have a man who can bend his leg back over his head and back again with every single step.

Rejected grant requests
Mr. Arthur Putey; right leg isn't silly at all, and left leg does a forward aerial half turn every alternate step.

Ministry's preferred Sillly Walk
Little jumps, then three long paces without moving the top of the body.

List of approved grants for year 2007

1. Mr. Tyth, Poland - approved initial grant of 5,000 pythons for the following proposed walk:

You place your left foot on your right knee and slowly bend until you hear a "crack" noise in your spine. Then jump backwards twice, and move your centre of gravity forward a bit, thus placing your hand on the ground. Stand up straigh and make a normal step.Repeat as many times as you want

1 python = USD $1.30

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