where are the explicit lyrics? Is there some sort of parental controlls i can turn…

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    • Nov 18 2009, 17h00

    where are the explicit lyrics? Is there some sort of parental controlls i can turn off to her the original song?

    I want the here the songs as the Artists intended us to here them. I don't want to here some stupid scratching sound in place of the real words. I only listened to one song and had enough. I don't think last.fm is for me!!!

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    • Nov 18 2009, 17h19
    can a moderator please respond this me?

  • Chill out man. There's no 24/7 support on this forum. The last.fm guys will get around to answering soon. In all honesty, the the answer is likely to be that whatever song you were listening to, the only licensed version that last.fm have access to is a censored version. I haven't come across this problem before so it might be worth listening to more than one song before you make up your mind about the service?

  • @richiebabee

    So about that not having 24/7 support but that they will actually responding...... I GUESS THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CLIENTS QUESTIONS...

  • Jesus, calm your ass down.

  • To answer the original poster's question:

    richiebabee is essentially right - we don't actually filter or actively censor music on Last.fm. However, sometimes what happens is that the record label uploads the 'clean' (censored) version of a song, rather than the full / uncensored one. Unfortunately we have no control over this, as it's entirely the label's decision which recording to upload and license to us. Sorry about that.

    What you could probably do though, is petition the artist or label to upload the uncensored version to last.fm - by posting on either on the artist's official website or facebook page if they have one.

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    • Jun 3 2012, 23h41
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    • Abr 26 2013, 8h25
    Could you maybe have a 'clean' and 'explicit' section for the label to upload them? And then we could select what we'd like? I just hate hearing the lyrics cut out in the middle of songs

  • The last.fm guys will get around to answering soon.

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  • Please request uncensored tracks.

    I can empathise with the OP. It sucks to have to listen to censored music. Give us art as it was intended by the artists, pristine and beautiful.

    • lheredy disse...
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    • Dez 10 2013, 19h30

    Non-explicit lyrics is a big problem.

    I like the suggestion about letting the labels tag the songs as explicit and clean. Please escalate this suggestion and take it seriously.

    Having G-rated songs [only] is a big problem that other music services, e.g. Pandora, have figured out apparently. Pandora is repetitive and that is why I came to last.fm and happily paid for it, but listening to garbled music on last.fm is hardly any better. Now I'm torn. Please make this an easy decision by providing the labels clear access to provide both original and censored music, and allow the users to select their preference.

    I think that having this type of feature will vastly increase last.fm's value as a service, as parents unwilling to put up with, say, Pandora's dirty lyrics for their kids may opt to pay for their child's account with language filtration.


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    Last.fm went downhill. That being said, it's free.. so if you pay for last.fm, or any other service, you're dumb for paying for censored music.. or for paying for music at all. Pirate everything, music, movies, etc because those fucks make millions a year. I could give a shit if they lose my $20. Ask Mozart or Da Vinci how much money they made...

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