Musical era you most want to be transported to and live out the rest of your days…

  • Musical era you most want to be transported to and live out the rest of your days in...

    Say you had access to a time machine...
    A time machine that could only go one way...
    You get pissed off with living in the here and now...
    But instead of going all emo you use the time machine to go back to an era of divine music that you love.

    What era would it be, and what city would you want to be in at that time?

  • Probably London circa 1976. I'd love to have seen bands like The Damned starting out - it's not quite the same thing seeing them thirty years later. It must have been exciting seeing punk take off.

    Either that or New York in the late 60's. Hanging out with Lou Reed and Andy Warhol. Actually, I don't imagine either of them would be that much fun to hang out with, but you know.

    What about everyone else?

  • rabidoveryou said:
    Probably London circa 1976.

    Same here. I love the London scene from that era, Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, X-Ray Spex etc. I'd also have to travel around to say Manchester and see other good bands like The Buzzcocks.

  • London, 1964. See the Who as the High Numbers and then as The Who, and see The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Stones, and all that. And attend Ealing Art College to meet Pete Townshend before Karen Astley does.

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    • Out 6 2006, 1h35
    The New York and Boston areas (I'd find some way to go back and forth from there...) in 1978. I'd catch all of The Cars' early shows at The Rat club...and maybe I'd sneak backstage for a bit. ;) Then I'd make sure to catch the CBGB scene, that is to say, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television and the Ramones. Hell yeah.

  • CarsCat said:
    Then I'd make sure to catch the CBGB scene, that is to say, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television and the Ramones. Hell yeah.

    That would be my second choice.

  • Yes, Manchester's produced a lot of good music over the years. I read something in the paper once, about how there have been so many more successful musicians from up north compared to London and the south of England.

    CBGBs...good choice, Cat.

    London 1964 would have been fun too. Ah, The Kinks. Everyone loves The Kinks.

  • Where would everyone else want to go?

  • Anytime in the 70's or 60's. Either would be amazing.

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    • hartwon disse...
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    • Out 10 2006, 7h22
    - Early 1900, New Orleans, just slumbering from bar to bar to watch all those good blues and jazz artists.
    - Attending Woodstock '69, and some years before that(-> The Doors, Bob Dylan,...) watching whole the social youth movement starting and flowering in San Francisco or something.
    - Early '90's, Seattle, for a well known and obvious reason offcourse.

  • Late eighteenth century.

    So I could meet Beethoven. Before he went deaf.

  • rabidoveryou said:
    Late eighteenth century.

    So I could meet Beethoven. Before he went deaf.

    Ha, that would be good too! I didn't even think of that.

    Also, late 80's, early 90's would be kinda cool.

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  • It would be interesting to meet other classical composers too, but Beethoven's my favourite.

    There are so many dead people I'd like to have met, but most of them aren't musicians, and I don't want to stray off topic...

  • I think it'd have to be the eighties - So many good bands were either just starting up then, or were at their peak. I think it's a horribly underrated decade, where both the mainstream and the obscure bands seemed to be on a level of quality that's rarely seen today. Either that, or the early ninties - Just for Curve and Pulp. :)

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    • TowerU disse...
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    • Out 12 2006, 0h27
    Late eighties. Hang out on illegal raves. Be the first one to like new beat in 1987.
    Late seventies - early eighties would be cool too. Neue Deutsche Welle, the club scene of new wave, post punk at it's fullest...
    Or early to mid nineties (which actually I just missed out on, late 90s kid here) with all the trashy dance music and thunderdome going on (which both are funny genres I actually listen to, but not generally love) be the one that likes trance and goa trance (ten years before the rest of western Europe will)

  • Mmm, Pulp. I really wish they'd re-form.

  • Yeah, although now is a good time to be a Pulp fan! Rereleased Deluxe versions of three albums (I have This Is Hardcore in the format, and can highly recomend it!) and of course, a Jarvis solo album coming out soon. :D

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  • I'm thinking of getting the reissue of This Is Hardcore at some point. I'm slightly in love with the title track.

    The solo album should be worth checking out too. I check his myspace from time to time....

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    • Out 12 2006, 20h29
    Gosh, there's nothing new to say! You've pretty much got it covered ;D

    I'd go see some 20's jazz/blues. I'd go back to when big swing bands roamed free. I'd check out the beginning of punk and the start of rock and roll.
    I'd see Frank Sinatra while he could still remeber his lyrics, and Eric Clapton while he was still popular with the younger generations.
    I'd see the good bits of electro-pop.
    I'd go to the edge of where classical met romantic.

    And to be a little sad, I'd go back to the early 1990's counting crows, while they were still young and attractive and new ;D

  • 1965. That way i could see all of my favourite artists evolve. the earliest is the who is 1965, then in 1967 i'd discover god (aka hendrix) and in 1969 both zepplin and the coop would come out. 1970 would show me Black Sabbath and 1976 would see the clash debut. Also, along the way I would pick up on Bill Hicks, my alltime favourite comedian

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  • About the time that humans started bashing things with bones (and stroking huge monolithic black rectangles) to make noise. I pop out a Gibson, a stack of amps, a few fx peds (and a huge solar generator) and leave 'em to play! :D

    Seriously. Musical era is difficult. I'd say mid 60's so I could watch all the good stuff unfold.

    Modern music mainly mediocre? Retro rock resplendent? I Was Born Several Decades Too Late.
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    • Out 13 2006, 22h47
    Uh...The Clash formed in 1967? o_O

    Wow. Can I have your history-altering time machine, then?

  • sorry, that was a typo, i meant 1976

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  • The British Invasion of the 1960s and the psychedelic era!
    I'd love to be at Woodstock '69 or the Monterey Pop Festival. Or both :).

  • yeah.. this is tough but I'd have to go with the bay area, late sixties and at the peak of the LSD revolution.

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