• Less Than Jake - Carioca Clube - 26/05/2012

    Mai 27 2012, 12h55 por Bhotha

    Sábado 26 Mai – Less Than Jake e Belvedere

    Foi realmente memorável, o Less than Jake comemorando 20 anos de banda com a abertura do Belvedere.

    O som estava muito claro e limpo assim como as luzes muito bem posicionadas o que complementaram perfeitamente os 2 shows.

    Conversando com algumas pessoas da fila, percebi que muitos eram de uma geração nova e foram pelo Belvedere, a minha impressão foi que ao final do show os mesmos se sentirão impressionados pelo Less than Jake assim como eu pelo Belvedere.

    O show não foi o dos mais lotados no Carioca Clube mas estava com uma energia muito positiva com direito a rodas e moshs realmente fantásticos.

    As bandas tocaram em torno de 1h e 30min cada, com direito a maioria dos sucessos da bagagem musical de cada.

    Sou ouvinte do Less than Jake ao menos a 15 anos e me senti completamente satisfeito com os 2 shows

    Se liga no vídeo em HD que filmei no show!

  • Aindra Kirtan

    Mar 21 2011, 19h26 por kyphi

  • BLINK-182 ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!

    Fev 10 2009, 6h21 por Rowan5215

    Yes, that's right, it's official and has been official since two days ago (February 8th) so I'm probably not the first to write this kind of journal, but Blink-182 have reformed! It's the best news I've heard for a while, and I'm sure Blink fans around the world are feeling much the same as me. The good thing is: They have announced they have ideas for a new album and will be starting from where they left off: So to put it simply the new Blink album will probably be sounding like Angels And Airwaves except nowhere near as pretentious and, of course, with Mark and Travis, which makes a huge difference. I'm hoping that they will re-make some +44 and AVA songs: The War would sound good with Travis drumming and Mark singing some parts, at least from my point of view. And I would like to hear Chapter XIII by +44 re-made with Blink. But speaking of +44, the news is that, in accordance to the reformation of Blink they have "gone on hiatus", and if this "hiatus" is the same as Blink's, it might be a very long one, and might even be the official break-up. I mean, if Travis hadn't had that helicopter crash (which was extremely bad news as well, I almost cried) the Blink guys might never have started talking again. It's very sad news, but I suppose every up comes with a down, if you'll excuse the lame saying. It's a shame they couldn't have left the break-up 'til after the new album, which was apparently close to being released. But we might hear from them again one day. 'Til then, it's great that we still Blink. And apparently AVA are still running strong. It's a shame that +44 broke up and not AVA, but I suppose I can survive with Blink and AVA. I am certainly going to buy my way into a few of Blink-182's shows on their re-union tour, which will certainly be one of the best I will ever see. And I'll make sure I'm one of the first to get the new album, and I suppose that Blink may use some, or (hopefully) all of the ideas +44 had for their next album, and maybe some of AVA's that they didn't use. What would be great news, though, would be if David Kennedy actually JOINED Blink-182 as a permanent member, to play back-up guitar and maybe backing vocals. And I know, that's a big ask, but that would make my day. And my month. And most probably my year. I'm hoping the new album will have more songs like All Of This and Always and Asthenia, and less songs like Feeling This and Obvious, which I know are good, but don't really suit the alternative rock sound Blink began to show on their self-titled. Honestly, I don't know how I went five (or was it six?) years without a Blink-182 album, and I don't know how I'm going to go without +44, but I say again, this might not be the end of +44 forever. We may hear from them again. And Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are having solo albums, which will most probably be worth a buy and a listen. I'm hoping the new AVA record will be more, let's say interesting (as in lyrically) and more advanced musically (as in more of the experimental stuff and less of the trying to make every song over five minutes. A couple of long songs are alright with me, but every damn song on the album? And especially with AVA, who seem to have a habit of making 2-minute long intros coughValkyrieMissileHeavencough, a habit I hope Blink will avoid). But now isn't the time for ranting (I never thought I'd say that, seriously, but then again I really never thought Blink would reform either) I guess I was wrong about that. So I might stay up all night listening to Blink-182 as a tribute, and I might do that every February the 8th as celebration, if I can remember. So I sign off, knowing that I was wrong in thinking Tom would refuse to talk to his former former friends forever. Goodbye everyone, and any anti-Blink-182 people or people who just hate me and want to complain, find someone else to annoy, I'm to overjoyed to give a s**t. Cya!
  • REVIEW: Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire (2007)

    Jul 21 2008, 22h45 por misa-kun

    Using the iTunes system.
    ***** (5*) = Fantastic
    **** (4*) = Good
    *** (3*) = Average, nothing special
    ** (2*) = Bad
    * (1*) = Terrible song, rarely used

    With the "blink-182 have split, Tom DeLonge is the one to blame" wave more or less fading away, I thought it was a good time to review the second Angels & Airwaves album I-Empire that hit stores back almost a year ago, in November 2007.

    Before actually playing anything off this album the listener will most likely remember the huge hype Angels & Airwaves's first album - We Don't Need to Whisper (2006) got prior to its release and the not-so-positive feedback it received after that. According to Tom DeLonge himself it was "the greatest music in some 30 years", how would he and his band follow up with their second album I-Empire?

    Months before it being officially released the band's frontman gave several interviews in which he shared his idea for the second album - according to his own words this album and the first - WDNTW were, in fact, both parts of one grand period for the band. I-Empire was not only viewed as a sequel chronologically, but logically, too. If WDNTW was about the beginning in everything, I-Empire was about the moments after that - the growing up and living.

    01 - Call to Arms – 5:05
    Genre : Alternative Rock

    Unmistakable with its martial drumbeats, especially the army snares that can be heard throughout, the album opener truly delivers and is one of the standout songs. It features an epic, expansive introduction before the song really kicks into gear with its memorable, yearning chorus.

    Personal Rating : 4/5 ****

    02 - Everything’s Magic – 3:51
    Genre : Alternative Rock, Powerpop, Dance

    This is the lead single of the album and it was one of the first songs to be released before the actual album release date in a special AVA concert, where four songs – Everything’s Magic, Sirens, Lifeline and Secret Crowds were played. Not surprisingly, it was chosen as the first single, mainly because it is so upbeat throughout, because of its catchy main riff and the pop/dance feel to it. It wasn’t well received by most of the “old” fans of the band, but the single certainly brought new ones meaning it was a success. It received criticism for having almost the same riff as an old blink-182 song - Anthem Pt. 2.

    Personal Rating : 4/5 ****

    03 - Breathe – 5:33
    Genre : Ballad

    This is a typical love song, reminding the listener of such tracks as Moody Blues’s Nights in White Satin. This one, however, goes practically nowhere and is probably the weakest song on the album, if not weakest AVA song ever.

    Personal Rating : 2/5 **

    04 - Love Like Rockets – 4:50
    Genre: Alternative Rock, Powerpop

    Right after the soapy, slow and frankly bad “Breathe” comes my favourite song of the album – Love Like Rockets. Perhaps put right after Breathe on purpose, as to wake up the listener, it starts with a catchy synth melody that builds up to an epic, U2-like introduction. The drum beat, Tom DeLonge’s voice, the rhythmic guitar riff – everything fits perfectly in the song, making it a really good one – definitely the best, and should have been the lead single, in my opinion. Also, for the ones interested in history, during the synth-led intro there are parts of the first satellite speech ever, by US President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 via the Project SCORE satellite:

    “Due to the marvels of scientific advance, my voice is coming to you from a satellite, circling in outer space. Through this unique means I convey to you and all of mankind America's wish for Peace, on Earth.”

    Personal Rating : 5/5 *****

    05 - Sirens – 4:19
    Genre: Alternative Rock

    Tom DeLonge himself notes this song was loosely based around the folklore of mermaids calling ships to their destruction with their songs. "It's such a beautiful idea," he says. "So I wrote this song about a murderer, and the murderer is breaking into a house to take out a woman that he's obsessed with. But the idea was more about how the song is beautifully romantic, it's an upbeat song”. It sounds like an old Police song with its immediately recognizable bass line.

    Personal Rating : 3/5 ***

    06 - Secret Crowds – 5:02
    Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk Rock

    This one is one of the two songs on this album (along with Rite of Spring) that will remind die-hard Tom DeLonge fans of his past career. Secret Crowds sounds like a tyipical Boxcar Racer song with its heavy guitar riff. Definitely the heaviest on the album and another one that is a standout. Again, the song meaning can be explained in a political way, with the 9/11 terrorist attacks and DeLonge’s idea of government conspiracy. This song is also the second single to be released from this album, released on Sept. 11 2007, exactly 6 years after the attacks.

    Personal Rating : 4/5 ****

    07 - Star of Bethlehem – 2:07
    Genre: Alternative Rock, Instrumental

    Those who were aware of the band before this album came out will know that prior to its release “Star of Bethlehem” was in fact a 8-minute long song, which was later divided in two – the album version of Star of Bethlehem, which is basically the long intro the original song used to have, and True Love, which is right where the singing begins. Had Star of Bethlehem and True Love remained as a one whole thing this song would have been one of the best on the album. With this division, however, Star of Bethlehem becomes just an instrumental interlude that can’t really be called a song and True Love becomes an average song and nothing more, without the epic build-up that was the long intro in the earlier version.

    Personal Rating : 2/5 **

    08 - True Love – 6:08
    Genre: Alternative Rock

    The second part of the “Star of Bethlehem” song that was around before I-Empire came out. This is the main part of the song, with all the singing going in here. Just like the previous song reviewed, though, it suffers greatly from the lack of the nice intro it used to have.

    Personal Rating : 3/5 ***

    09 - Lifeline – 4:15
    Genre: Alternative Rock

    Known primarily for its introduction melody that reminds the listener of a typical animation program opening theme, this song doesn’t really get us anywhere. It’s decent and nothing more.

    Personal Rating : 3/5 ***

    10 - Jumping Rooftops – 0:44
    Genre: Instrumental

    Apart from the many conspiracy theories that can be read on the internet which state that this “song” is a means of communication between Tom DeLonge and former blink-182 partners Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker from +44 (“Jumping Rooftops” is exactly 44 seconds long and +44 have a song named Cliff Diving, which is, guess what, about jumping rooftops), there is nothing really interesting about Jumping Rooftops. It’s just an instrumental interlude and serves no real purpose.

    Personal Rating : N/A (not a song)

    11 - Rite of Spring – 4:22
    Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Punk

    This is the “Good Day” of I-Empire. Yet it’s a lot better than the one on WDNTW as it does not sound like an emo ballad about the bad things in life. This one is about DeLonge’s life as a kid, his years in Blink-182 and how everything has changed with him becoming more mature. The song also marks the return of the pink toy piano used in WDNTW.

    Personal Rating : 3/5 ***

    12 - Heaven – 6:38
    Genre: Alternative Rock

    Not surprisingly, this song was chosen to be the album closer, yet it is the closing track of the whole cycle that was WDNTW-IE. The song is full of tiny particles taken from other songs from both albums, including Atom Willard’s dog barking right in the middle of it. Another one of the good songs on the album, one that most people who liked previous AVA songs will find great.

    Personal Rating : 4/5 ****

    In conclusion, the perfect way to describe this album in just a few words would be saying it’s one for every mood a person may find himself in. There is sadness, love, happiness and nostalgia. It can definitely make you feel better, and after all, that’s what music is all about.

    Album Stats
    5* Songs – 1
    4* Songs – 4
    3* Songs – 4
    2* Songs – 2
    1* Songs – 0

    Overall Rating (average from all songs): 3.36
  • Nobodylikesyou Presents: The Best 100 Songs of 2007. Part Ten - 10-1

    Fev 22 2008, 14h50 por Nobodylikesyou

    10. Arcade FireKeep the Car Running
    The Arcade Fire make fucking beautiful music, it has to be said. But even they have their moments where they think: “You know what? FUCK writing another sad yet touching ballad. Let’s rock!”. This song, track two on the amazing Neon Bible record, is a result of one of those moments. Backed by a Working on the Highway-style drumbeat, Win Butler and his not-so-merry men (and women) tell us the tale of frustration with where they are in life and, quite simply, having to get the hell out of there. And fast! The song got described by Rolling Stone as “the best Bruce Springsteen song of the year not written by Bruce Springsteen”. The influence is definitely there, and I have no problem with that at all. And when the song DID get played with The Boss, it sounded perfect with the E-Street Band backing Bruce, Win and Regine. And, at the same time, managed to give us one of the best YouTube quotes of the year in “Oh my GOD! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!”.

    9. The Shins - Phantom Limb
    Another album, another top quality single from James Mercer and co. This time around, the Shins borrowed a bit of everything- from West Coast pop to Morrissey- with the result being this delicious little number that was immediately loved by all indie radio that touched it. As an overall record, in my opinion, Wincing the Night Away didn’t have the consistency or the general outstanding brilliance of the two previous records. But it certainly didn’t matter to the legions of fans who sold out the band’s tour on the back of it, and it definitely didn’t stop Phantom Limb being one of the songs of the year. Altogether now- “ohhhhh-way-ohhhh, way-ohhhhhhh”…

    8. RihannaUmbrella (feat. Jay-Z)
    "Good Girl Gone Bad"? No way! Rihanna was certainly good before this, but following this single, Rihanna was officially a worldwide megastar. And, for what feels like the first time in years for a female pop singer, she actually really deserves it. This song was apparently originally written for Mary J. Blige, but listening to the delivery of this track it really does feel like Rihanna was born to sing it. The simple refrain and the “ella, ella, ella” chants stuck in the pop world’s conscience for weeks on end, and Umbrella went to number one basically everywhere in the world. The song is easily the queen of all mainstream pop singles in 2007, in terms of both sales AND quality. It’s that drumbeat, the effortlessly cool Jay-Z rap through the intro, the distant 80s rock guitar, the A plus production, that delicious video…it’s perfect. This entry will probably be very controversial, but I’m more than certain you sang along to this song at least once in 2007. And if you say you didn’t, then I don’t believe you.

    7. Linkin Park - The Little Things Give You Away
    Well, now, who would have expected this? On the back of their third and best record, Minutes to Midnight, LP gave us everything we weren’t expecting- they got political, they got powerful, and my GOD they got good. In this ballad, Chester delivers his best ever vocals and lyrics, describing the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the United States government’s reaction to it. He sings from the perspective of a victim, calling out the President: “Don’t want to reach for me, do you? I mean nothing to you”. It’s a beautiful song, something that certainly cannot be said about anything on either Hybrid Theory or Meteora, and it’s really incredible to think how much Linkin Park has progressed as musicians and people in the four years between their last record and this one. If you have ever dissed Linkin Park (and let’s face it, you have), I simply have one request of you: listen to this song.

    6. THE END- And Always...
    Essentially, this is the best song of 2007 that you never heard. Canadian “” band The End have been around for a few years but only entered my stream of conscience upon being recommended their album, Elementary, by a friend. And I was blown away. The music had heart, it was diverse, it was layered, it was energetic, it was a really great listen. But of all the songs on the album, this one stood out in particular. It was vastly different to its siblings, with its simple yet powerful acoustic guitar and epic nine minute length. The star here is Aaron Woolf, lead vocalist of the band, who goes from chilling low key vocals to passionate howling throughout the song. When I reviewed this album, I deemed the song a triumph. And I stick by that very statement to this day. There’s no better way of describing it.

    5. Kanye WestStronger
    What better way to reintroduce yourself to your peers, to popular music and to the charts than releasing a track that is phenomenal, revolutionary and instantly accessible as your first single?
    Only ‘Ye could do it (Jay tried but couldn’t come close this time), and he certainly packed a punch whilst doing it. At the same time, it must be noted, Kanye introduced a whole new generation of fans to the greatest dance music act of all time – Daft Punk. It’s my belief that this single’s success had no small part in DP selling out their Australian tour last December- and why not? Kanye does wonders with his “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” sample, throwing his usual bravado over the top. By now, however, we all know that West can back up all of his cockiness, and really means it when he proclaims “There’s a thousand yous, there’s only one of me”.

    4. Bloc Party - I Still Remember
    I don’t know what it is about this song. Honestly, I don’t. I have strong and valid reasons for pretty much everything on this list. But when I got to this track, I though “Why do I love this song so much? What is it?”. I thought about the raw honesty of the lyrics- I thought of how brave I thought Kele was to be taclking such a socially unconventional subject matter as he was. I thought about the chorus – I thought of how it all just comes together beautifully and, given the right circumstances, can lead to tears. I thought about Kele’s vocals- I thought of how he hasn’t sounded this heartfelt ever before, apart from maybe SRXT. But then I just listened to it, and I realised- it was all these things. But above all, it was the fact I had to think so hard and dig so deep into this song to get the best satisfaction from it.
    Thank you, Kele. Thank you, Gordon. Thank you, Matt. Thank you, Russell.

    3. BattlesAtlas
    Experimental rock is back and ripping shit up, and it has come in the form of Battles! Lead musically by Helmet’s stickman John Stanier, this is just your average 4/4 rock song...given, of course, your singer is a demented, self-harmonising chipmunk robot, your guitarists are aided by both a block-rocking laptop and practically all the effects pedals in the world, and also enjoy duelling one another using keyboards. Aside from that, it’s obviously nothing great.
    Bullshit aside, Battles are less a band to me and more four musicians who know each other inside out, tight as hell. All throughout their album, Mirrored, they test and proceed to defy the boundaries of their instruments and completely turn rock, pop and electronica on its heads. And there is no better example of how they manage to do both that AND make it accessible and dancible than this song. A true classic song that we’ll be dancing wildly to ten years from now.

    2. Silverchair - Straight Lines
    I’m really glad I got over that 2002/2003 phase of “nu silverchair iz ghey” and came to appreciate Daniel Johns for the visionary genius that he is. I always take something new from listening to Silverchair’s music- always something I tend to pick up on one listen that I didn’t before. I always get something out of the music immediately. This time around, however, it was different.
    Upon my first listens to Straight Lines, I really just wasn’t sure what to think. I didn’t immediately love it, and I didn’t immediately hate it. But I had to listen to it again. And again. I think the day it came out, I listened to it, on loop, for about an hour. It was surreal. You can rest assured by the end of that particular session, I was in complete love with the song, later to fall in love with the album. Straight Lines was certainly a slow burner, but its flame lasted for quite sometime. Even now, it’s flickering and yet to go out. Live, they didn’t let me down, either- their Across The Great Divide show in Wollongong was one of the best shows I have ever been to.


    1. Crowded HouseDon't Stop Now
    Hahaha! Anti-climax, huh? I bet you’ve all got some pretty confused looks on your faces, and I’ve probably got some explaining to do. Well, Don’t Stop Now was my number one because nothing in 2007 connected with me in terms of music quite like this song. I remembered hearing that the band was getting back together and it could’ve gone one of two ways- a total triumph or...well...Genesis. But all things considered, I’m very glad that Neil decided to make the Crowdies live again, as I can honestly say I hold this song in the same regard I hold Don't Dream It's Over, Better Be Home Soon, Weather With You...all the hits. I can remember the first time I heard it, and knowing right then and there that this was something special. It’s those harmonies, the simplicity of the guitar and piano, the touching lyrics of love and connection from the most basic of strenuous situations (in this case, Neil’s wife had miss-tracked her GPS system and got herself lost)…it is very, very hard for Neil Finn to pen a bad tune, and this is no exception. It’s almost as if the band had never been gone. And very few musicians have that timeless quality about them. It’s a very special thing, and this indeed is a very special song.
    Don’t believe me? Just listen.

    Thanks for reading, it's been fun!
  • Nobodylikesyou Presents: The Best 100 Songs of 2007. Part Nine - 20-11

    Fev 16 2008, 2h20 por Nobodylikesyou

    20. Foo Fighters - The Pretender
    Foo Fighters dead? Foo Fighers sold out? Foo Fighters releasing crap? Give me a fucking break! Dave Grohl and his merry men strapped on their instruments to give us another worldwide hit single, with more punch and anger than anything on In Your Honour. If you didn’t scream like a banshee along to this song’s chorus at least once in 2007, then you did NOT listen to rock music! What else needs to be said? It’s a winner, and proof that even as the band moves into their late thirties, they still have all the power and rock ability in the world.

    19. Bloc PartySRXT
    You know you’re winning people even when your biggest critic (in this case, Noel Gallagher from Oasis) cries into a pillow for fifteen minutes upon listening to one of your songs. In this case, Bloc Party saved the best till last on A Weekend In the City, with an amazingly beautiful song about preparing to leave the world for good. The song combines the epic ambience of So Here We Are and the subtle beauty of Compliments from their last album to create something that is truly a work of art for this band, a piece de resistance that I’m sure will keep many fans interested. Here’s to album number three!

    18. AnberlinGodspeed
    Some bands have a selling point, where you hear a song and you know that you’re going to be a big fan of the band for a long time. This was it for me. Upon first listen to the album, Cities, I was blown away. This song packs a real rock punch, which I didn’t really feel from the other couple of Anberlin songs I had heard at the time. The vocals are great, the hook perfect, the lyrics well though-out and catchy- this is everything modern rock music should be, and the fact it came from total left field in 2007 for me was an added bonus.

    17. The Red Paintings - Feed the Wolf
    The lead track from the band’s first EP fully funded by fan support. This encapsulates everything that is great about this revolutionary band- Trash’s intense guitar chops and wild vocals, beautiful orchestration, absolutely cracking drums and a brooding, dark theme of revenge and spite. The Dresden Dolls have been praising this band for a few years ever since they toured with them through Australia and Europe; and it’s hard not to see the comparisons between the two. Take a listen to both of them and you’ll see. Also, have a look out on YouTube for an amazing version of Tears for FearsMad World featuring Trash with the Dresden Dolls, it’s on their latest DVD.

    16. The Smashing PumpkinsTarantula
    Hi! Remember us? We kinda ruled the post-grunge world, then we went away. So what did we do to remind you just who we are? Turned the amps up to eleven, distorted the shit out of them and rocked out this wild little Kyuss-inspired jam like it was 1995 all over again. Then we dropped Zeitgeist. We pissed a lot of people off, but Nobodylikesyou from Last.FM didn’t think it was half as bad as people made it out to be…

    15. LCD SoundsystemAll My Friends
    Sometimes, things just work perfectly despite all their obvious imperfections. This is quite possibly the most perfect musical example of this ever. Yes, the piano is offbeat. Yes, the intro is too long. Yes, James Murphy doesn’t have the best voice. But everything here is just fucking fantastic!! The storytelling, the heartwrenching emotion that’s persistent throughout, the intensity that does not drop for a second…it’s a very important song that I’m sure we’ll remember for many years to come.

    14. Jose Gonzalez - Down The Line
    My favourite solo artist in the world finally gave us his second album in 2007 and certainly did not disappoint. Down The Line was the lead single, and, I must admit, I was not as blown away immediately. But if there was ever a slow burner to get under my skin in 2007 that wasn’t by The Veronicas, it was this song. I love the rhythm and harmonies in this track; it’s very simple in nature but, like all Jose songs, works to perfection.

    13. Britney Spears - Gimme More
    Don’t give me that look! Seriously, I wanted to hate this song; I really did. I tried with all of my willpower. But, indeed, I failed. And my god how glad I am that I did. This song is easily the best Britney single ever, with absolutely killer production from Nate Hills, aka Danja, and a totally infectious chorus. As an added bonus, we also got the funniest fucking TV performance of the year. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, YouTube it. It’s like watching a fucking car crash, man!

    12. Enter Shikari - Sorry You’re Not A Winner
    CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! This band came out of complete left field for me, creating one of the absolute coolest songs of the year. It’s something about that bizarre mix of electronica, synth-pop, metal, hardcore and rock that really intrigued me. The hook is killer, as is the consistent guitar riffing mixed with warped out bleeps and synth patterns, and it was a song that I quite simply could not get enough of. It’s just boppy and great to dance/headbang along to, and the throw in of the ¾ breakdown is an added bonus!

    11. Maxïmo Park - Books From Boxes
    I liked Maximo Park a lot before Our Earthly Pleasures came out, but that album, and this song in particular, changed all that. I now fucking LOVE Maximo Park. This song is a heartfelt ballad describing love lost and strained friendships in the aftermath. The Peter Buck inspired jangly guitar is a lovely touch, but the star here is frontman Paul Smith. Here, he proves that he’s not just the wild guy applying pressure and talking about velocity- he’s actually really clever and a brilliant lyricist. The imagery, the storytelling, the way he has with words; it’s just brilliant. A highly recommended song from an even higher recommended album.

  • Nobodylikesyou Presents: The Best 100 Songs of 2007. Part Eight - 30-21

    Fev 6 2008, 1h07 por Nobodylikesyou

    30. Angels & AirwavesEverything's Magic

    Okay, let’s get one thing clear- the riff in this song and the riff in Anthem Part 2 are in the same key and share about two of the same notes, not even played in the same way. So whoever said they ripped the song off can seriously fuck off. On a happier note, this was a great reintroduction to the band and their music, with Delonge again questioning of the world around him and beyond, with more huge sounding production and boppy clap along parts, compared by several critics and fans to Close to Me. Tom’s a big fan of The Cure, so I guess I wouldn’t put it past him to be influenced by that. All in all, a great single from a phenomenal album. To put it simple, I-Empire is the second best thing Tom Delonge has ever done. The first was leaving, and thus breaking up, blink-182.

    29. Dead Letter Circus - Disconnect and Apply
    Every year, an Aussie hard rock band will come and blow my mind in one way or another. Past bands to do so have included The Butterfly Effect, Cog and Karnivool. In 2007, it was Dead Letter Circus’ turn, who ripped shreds off me with this absolutely amazing song. Erratic and powerful vocals, a no-bullshit rock intro and that absolute killer guitar riffage- Disconnect And Apply is, to put it quite simply, a fucking winner. I love this band- despite being in a flooded genre, they stand out in the crowd with their unique and ambiguous lyrics, and the mystery that shrouds both their name and them as people. Easily the best EP of the year, and easily the best band ever to make going to work on Monday sound so inviting!!

    28. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill
    In 2005, it was Lazyboy’s Underwear Goes Inside the Pants. In 2007, it is this song. Absolute genius.

    27. Angels & AirwavesTrue Love
    Originally known as “Star of Bethlehem”, written in late 2006, the band rerecorded it in two parts for I-Empire, the bulk of which became this, easily the best song on the record. It encompassed everything that is great about the band in 4 and a half minutes, with bright guitar, cruisy bassline and loud, crisp drums featuring the unmistakable voice of Tom Delonge washed over it all. Tom’s lyrics are brimming with imagery and beauty, striking a chord hard and fast with the listener.

    26. Silverchair - If You Keep Losing Sleep
    If you were not a fan of Johns’ 2004 work in The Dissociatives, it’s probably best that you don’t listen to this. For those of you not-so narrow minded, feel free to enjoy this fantastically twisted little ditty.
    Everything works here, from the haunted house organ of long-time Chair collaborator Paulmac and the Jimmy Chamberlain-esque drum rolls and crashes of Gillies, to the wild, intense vocals of Johns. Even with some of Johns’ worst lyrics on the whole record (Daniel, seriously- “such seductive silent wine hopscotch trigger”?), it makes for fantastic listening. This track also marks the first appearance on the album of the legendary composer Van Dyke Parks, best known for his work with The Beach Boys. He’s done wonders for the Silverchair boys in the past, and here is no exception; featuring epic string arrangements and masterful orchestration- another complete credit to his already impressive work.

    25. Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
    Ever thought a song could reach its full potential if it was just recorded better? I have; and when it happens the band finally gets recognition. Past examples include The Grates with 19-20-20, Enter Shikari with Sorry You're Not a Winner and Operator Please with Just A Song About Ping Pong. And now here, with The Arcade Fire re-recording a song from their 2004 self-titled EP with more instrumentation, a faster pace and a hell of a lot more energy and intensity. Makes for yet another truly epic listen from Neon Bible.

    24. Kisschasy - Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night
    There’s always been something more to Kisschasy than meets the eye. Do-Do’s And Whoa-Oh’s was a subtle jab at the formulaic chart hits of the time, and the secret desire to write one just like it. In this single’s case, you must think of not just the political connotations, but the attack on the blogosphere, the MySpace generation, the critics, probably even more if I could get into Darren Cordeaux’s head. The song rocks, quite simply, and is proof that this is a band that has plenty of energy and longevity to keep them in the game for years.

    23. Kisschasy - Spray On Pants
    There’s been a few different interpretations as to who exactly is targeted in this song. Upon many listens, I see it quite simply as an attack on people who listen to music because it’s in fashion and not because they genuinely like it. There’s a fuckload of them out there, a lot on Last.FM too, so I connected with the song a lot when I heard it. Fuck the scenesters!

    22. BurialArchangel
    What can be said? This is, ultimately, the most beautiful song in the history of electronic music. And this is NOT a hyperbole. The song is so simple, but it’s so fucking powerful. That looped, distorted vocal sounds so distant and lonely, the synthesised orchestration a gorgeous undertone. Nobody knows exactly who Burial is, but I have a lot to thank them for, because I see what they are doing as part of the future of music. Not much else to say, really, it’s a song that needs to be heard to be believed.

    21. GyroscopeSnakeskin
    Welcome back, boys!! What a great way to kick back into our conscience. The song works on many different levels, through unexpected twists and turns, high and low points of both musical energy and lyrical intensity and that Kurt Cobain inspired howl of HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF WAKING UP?? It’s a killer single that has spread out the band’s fanbase even further, and, with any luck, will continue to do so on the back of Breed Obsession. It’s out March, and I cannot wait!
  • Nobodylikesyou Presents: The Best 100 Songs of 2007. Part Five- 60-51

    Jan 12 2008, 9h56 por Nobodylikesyou

    Part Five, people.
    Oooh! It's getting excitinggggg.


    60. Timbaland featuring She Wants RevengeTime
    When everyone from Dr. Dre to Elton John is on your record, it is peculiar that the least known act to appear on your CD (She Wants Revenge) are to give it its highlight. Timbo describes a young woman’s infatuation with him over a distinctive beat, while the SWR team give us hook-laden guitars to go over the top and one of the best choruses of the year. The piece de resistance of an excellent album.

    59. Fall Out BoyThe Take Over, The Break’s Over
    Let’s be honest with ourselves, Fall Out Boy fans- not a damn thing on Infinity on High can touch “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race”. Having said that, this one comes pretty close- especially with ingredients like a driving drum beat, handclaps that rival “Catch My Disease” and “The Prayer” in catchiness, and a triumphant finale that will have everyone singing along.

    58. Dizzee RascalSirens
    There may have been better hip-hop songs throughout the year, but not a single thing could match the intensity and anger that was found on this banger. Over fuzzed-out guitars and pounding drums, Dizzee pleads his case as he is on the run from the cops. The climax comes with Dizzee howling “I break the law! I will never change!” with a beat that could possibly incite the biggest moshpit moment in hip-hop history. Yes, even more so than Jump Around! (gasp)

    57. Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
    Mike and Chester go back to basics on this one- and my God it works. The energy level doesn’t drop for one second as the pair trade rhymes, screams and one hell of a chorus. As a side-note, I’m also pretty sure this is the only song with drums in the list that does not feature a single cymbal. How cymbolic.

    56. The Mars Volta - Wax Simulacra
    To truly understand just how awesome this song is, it needs to be listened to three times. The first is to have your mind blown by the amazing drum work (Jon who??). The second is to pick up on everything that you didn’t hear the first time because of the aforementioned amazing drum work. And the third is to appreciate the song as a whole…and, of course, to appreciate the amazing drum work!! This song is a total winner, and if this is anything to go by, The Bedlam in Goliath will be a modern-day classic.

    54. The ShinsAustralia
    No, it’s not on the list for my patriotic pride. It’s on the list for its joyous beat, catchy-as-hell “la-la-la”s and a simple but beautiful video. As an album overall, Wincing the Night Away didn’t feature the overall excellence of the band’s two previous records but was nevertheless a formidable release, featuring some truly exceptional music (more Shins later in the list!)

    53. Kylie Minogue - 2 Hearts
    Not much to say here. All you need to know is that I hated Kylie Minogue before this.

    52. The White Stripes - Icky Thump
    THE riff of 2007! Unmistakably rock-godish with wild Robert Plant style vocals, loud bass drum and weird-arse wurtilizer over the top- a winning combination from the best two-piece in the world (well, apart from The Dresden Dolls).
    The best part of the White Stripes’ 2007 was rocking us with this Guitar Hero-bound rocker. The most disappointing part of the White Stripes’ 2007 was Meg not really being in that video...

    51. The NationalApartment Story
    Imagine Johnny Cash in his thirties transported decades ahead to front The Jesus & Mary Chain, who have decided to tone things down slightly for the evening. Got it? Now listen to Apartment Story. It’s uncanny, truly.
    Boxer was a sleeper hit for me, creeping into my mind every second I wasn’t listening to it. This song especially- I love its melancholy tone and how ridiculously tight the musicianship is.
    You NEED to listen to that record- one of the best of the year.

    Thanks for reading!
  • Veselé Vánoce

    Dez 21 2007, 17h33 por cross7

  • Carrying on the legacy; +44 v. AVA.

    Jul 24 2007, 6h35 por Syn_Zero

    It's been about a year since both halves of blink-182 emerged with their debut albums in an attempt to show the world that they can still make music. Despite both sides being different - unique in their own rights - and mostly unsuccessful in their attempts to "change the face of music", I think both sides have contributed to the continuation of blink's legacy. As much as people would love to comment with retorts like "AVA SUX" or "+44 BLOWS", both bands have done a decent job of keeping in sync with their former fans. Of course, nowadays most fans are divided between the two bands.

    Personally, I enjoy both bands to a degree, even though I lean more towards Angels & Airwaves since their style of music is more appealing to me than +44's. Like I said, each band is unique to a certain degree. AVA's gone more the route of darker, more dramatic tones that are epic and spacey, while +44 continues where blink-182 left off, evolving and ultimately maturing the style and mentality as other bands from their time have done in recent years. Oddly enough, though I was a blink fan for the longest time, I'm somewhat glad that the split occurred because despite losing one great band we now have two. Don't get me wrong though; I was devastated when I heard that blink had broken up (my then-girlfriend sure wasn't though), mainly because I thought they were the best band I had ever heard at that point. There wasn't a single band I listened to more, and their albums were the ones that were in my CD player most often.

    I know that these days there's a lot of tension between the two groups and their fans. It's obvious by now that Tom Delonge's since gone off the deep end and that it's pretty much his fault for the break. Yet in some ways I think Tom's dedication to AVA is pretty inspiring, and some of the tunes AVA's cranked out have made me feel that inspiration - enough to start writing a series of short stories based solely on We Don't Need to Whisper. These days I can overlook most of his drawn-out speeches about how his music is supposed to change the world, and I find it funny that so many people still take the time to leave little messages on AVA's shoutbox (and even +44's!) talking about how much of an ass he is. Seriously, we all know he's an ass already, but he's an ass who can write some incredible music, even if he does sound like a dying cat live.

    On the flip side, I don't think +44 has done enough to try and overshadow AVA. I'm sure Mark Hoppus would say that it has nothing to do with a competition (which wouldn't do much to sway fans), but When Your Heart Stops Beating just didn't seem to "wow" as much as Whisper did. As someone's already said, they're pretty much "blink light". When I first listened to the album I was really surprised that nothing stood out at first, but eventually I did start to love it the more I listened. The lyrics really do feel more personal than anything blink-182 ever really did, and some of the songs are incredibly catchy.

    One of the things I've liked about both bands is that they've been playing some of the old songs during live shows. AVA typically performs renditions of blink-182's "Down" and "I Miss You" as well as Boxcar Racer's "There Is", while +44 have performed fan favorites "What's My Age Again?", "The Rock Show", and "Dammit". It's good to know that the three haven't forgotten their roots, and that they still look back every now and then. One can only hope that in the future the three will come to some sort of reconciliation and perform together again. I'm sure millions of blink fans certainly would set aside their pointless debates for that.

    In short, I really don't think there should be any sort of rivalry between the two. I've never thought it necessary to compare the two since they've gone down different paths and produced different styles of music, and I'm somewhat tired of people carrying on the same useless, opinionated debate (as much as I cherish opinions, hearing the same ones over and over can be wearying).

    As AVA gears up for the release of its sophomore album, I still have to wonder where +44's is, or if they even plan to produce a second one at all. I'd love to see both bands continue making music for a long time, but I'm hoping that they don't forget about blink and where they came from. I really want to hear more of the older songs performed in concerts - AVA should do a version of "Asthenia", "Feeling This", and "Not Now"; and +44 should add "Carousel", "Wendy Clear", and "Going Away To College" to their repertoire. You have to admit, at least if you're a blink fan, that would be awesome.