• the event of the year

    Jun 1 2009, 8h12 por aph3x

    Fri 29 May – Artmospheric Festival

    After the long 5 hour trip from Plovdiv to Svoge in the rain we have encountered the first obstacle in our course - the bumpy road from Bov to Chemernik. I'm still getting thrills when I remember about this :) However the mighty Rover 200 does not abandoned us as the sun did for two cold and wet days.

    As soon after we built our camp we found out that trx is lost in the fog so we've attempted a rescue mission. Luckily it was successful thanks to my expert logistic skills :) and the decision to not get high so soon after we have arrived.

    And yes... there was mud :) A lot of it. However this minor issues does not stop us from enjoying the campfire with some goblet drums, didgeridoo and of course the nice music selection from both stages. (There were a little too much of a plain 4/4 techno drum patterns but no biggie :-)

    We've met really nice and positive people around the fest despite the weather. …