• What to take... What to take...

    I've gone over previous years lists and here's some stuff that you might ignore or notice one thing that might be useful to you too! Anyone think of other stuff add it to the comments...

    Tent - if it is one of those put-up-in-3-seconds ones then that could work this year cus the weather looks good - if it is torrential then I prefer a more normal tent!
    Sleeping bag - better if you have a long zip one cus it can get weirdly hot some nigths.
    Pillow cases (no pillow though) - stuff them with clothes instead to save room.
    Clothes - good idea. lots of socks, lots of pants, warm clothes and waterproofs and beanie hat.
    Waterproof walking boots, trainers. No wellies - will buy there if I need...
    Two towels - 1 large, 1 small.
    Mug, spoon, soup, noodles, tea, biscuits, small gas cylinder hob thing, small pan, cheese.
    Pickled onion monster munch and Cornish pasties.
    Dried nuts & fruit
    1 roll of loo paper - there's more rolls on site...
    Wet wipes.
    Hand cleaning foam stuff.
    Small shower gel.
    Toothbrush & Paste.
    Water bottle.
    String - oh so useful!
    Jelly babies.
    BIN BAGS - you get a couple of these with yr welcome pack but they are LIFE SAVERS - especially when things get a bit wet (which they still might)...
    Small plastic bags.
    Gin and/or vodka.
    fire lighters, maybe
    sun cream
    moisturising cream
    playing cards


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    Re: What to take... What to take...

    thisisall1word said:
    Pillow cases (no pillow though) - stuff them with clothes instead to save room.

    One of the best tips I have for camping too. I use the bag my sleeping bag comes in.

    My additions to the list are:
    A wet pack: The terms one I learnt when in cadets and may seem a bit miss leading at first. What is is a basically a spare set of clothes (I pack really light ones) that you wrap up in a few bags so that they will never get wet no matter what sort of weather you find your self in so if you do get a flooded tent etc. you have something warm and dry. Though with good weather you still have some clean fresh clothes to travel back in. And you can use it in your pillow the rest of the time.

    Talcom powder: use tons of it in the morning and it's really freshens you up after a wet wipe wash and a ton on the feet and in you boots/shoes helps keep. You can also use it to smuggle in your cocaine but the separation is a little hard once you're in.

    It also can get freezing cold at night so a nice think jumper can actually be really nice.

    And take socks with holes in and you can just bin them there.

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