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Mai 3

Live At Leeds

Apresentando 14 Corners, 9 Lives e 83 outros artistas em Live At Leeds Venues


Sábado 3 de Maio de 2008Sábado 3 de Maio de 2008


Live At Leeds Venues
Leeds, United Kingdom


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The Wristbanded event will run over 9 venues with a combined total of 87 acts performing over the course of the day.
The Wristbands will be £10 adv and will be available for purchase from Jumbo and Crash from Friday 4th April.

The line up is as follows:

The Cockpit

The Bribes
Eastern Conference Champions
Pulled Apart By Horses
Dinosaur Pile-Up
I Concur
This Et Al

Upstairs at the Cockpit

1.30pm - Le Tournoi
2.30pm - 14 Corners
3.30pm - Derek Meins
4.30pm - Little Lost David
5.30pm - Mi Mye
6.30pm - Fran Rodgers
7.30pm - Laura Groves
8.30pm - Paul Marshall

The Faversham

Dead kids
The Hair
The Brute Chorus
Tigers That Talked
The Research
The Metros
Team Waterpolo
White Rabbits

The Brudenell Social Club

12pm - Heads We Dance
1pm - Wild Beasts
2pm - Lucy & The Caterpillar
3pm - The Sugars
4pm - The Officers
5pm - The Old Romantic Killer Band
6pm - Last Gang
7pm - The Dykeenies
8pm - Jack Afro
9pm - Rochelle
10pm - XX Teens

Joseph’s Well

12pm - The Humour
1pm - Canterbury
2pm - Eureka Machines
3pm - The Hosts
4pm - Billy The Kid
5pm - Operahouse
6pm - The Stations
7pm - The Debuts
8pm - Otherside
9pm - Sergeant
10pm - The Rascals


12pm - Pavilion
1pm - Operator Please
2pm - Middleman
3pm - The Chiara L’s
4pm - International Trust
5pm - Cazals
6pm - Magic Wands
7pm - Jon Jones & The Beatniks Movement
8pm - Hatcham Social
9pm - The Bacchae
10pm - Ipso Facto


4pm - Castrovalva
5pm - Rampant Rabbit
6pm - Her Name Is Calla
7pm - These Monsters
8pm - Toruga
9pm - Humanfly
10pm - The Plight

The Packhorse

4.30pm - The Grand March
5.30pm - Chickenhawk
6.30pm - Brenda
7.30pm - The Freezing Fog
8.30pm - Red Stars Parade
9.30pm - Kong


12pm - The Dead Certs
1pm - Accolade
2pm - Kal els Cape
3pm- The Conspiritors
4pm - Kram
5pm - New Vinyl
6pm - 9 Lives
7pm - Micky P Kerr
8pm - KiD iD
9pm - Breaking The Illusion
10pm - Pushbike Army
11pm - The Longcut
Midnight -Tiny Dancers

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