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Ago 10

Blacksun Festival

Apresentando Stromkern, Anders Manga e 15 outros artistas em Alchemy Nightclub


Sexta-feira 10 de Agosto de 2007Domingo 12 de Agosto de 2007


Alchemy Nightclub
New Haven, United States

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The Blacksun Festival is an annual Gothic and Industrial music event. It features some of the top bands and DJs from around the world. The event also encompasses an art show, a fashion show, variety acts, great room parties, and anything else we can think of that sounds fun. The three-day summer festival spans across multiple venues in beautiful New Haven, CT.

In the past two years the following artists have played: Android Lust, Bella Morte, Bloodwire, The Brides, Carfax Abbey, Caustic, Cesium 137, Claire Voyant, Combichrist, CTRL, Das Ich, Decoded Feedback, Dismantled, Ego Likeness, Filament 38, Informatik, Interrogation, Iris, Jenn Vix, The Last Dance, mindFIELD, Nightcrawler 1947, Null Device, Razed In Black, Platform One, PTI, Voltaire, and 51 Peg.

We have also featured some of the finest domestic and international DJs our scene has to offer, and the response has been outstanding. In just three short years, Blacksun has become a true force on the Gothic and Industrial festival circuit.

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