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Jul 30


Apresentando 3P, Alex Chronic e 21 outros artistas em Comana Natural Park


Sexta-feira 30 de Julho de 2010Domingo 1 de Agosto de 2010


Comana Natural Park
Comana (Giurgiu), Romania

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Hours turned into days, days became weeks, weeks became months and by Earth’s chronology, one year has passed.
The time has come bredrins and sistrens, to gather again in the same mystic forest, sheltered by the Carpathian wall, the deep Black Sea and the blue Danube.
All tribes are welcomed in the 211th day of the year, to celebrate life, nature and unity.
Kings and queens, wizards and pilgrims, all spirits and creatures united by one energy, will come from near and far with songs, stories and arts.
So let’s learn and share the beauty of life and the harmony of nature.
Drums will tremble the Earth, ancient cultures shall be revealed and the prophecies of old shall not be forgotten.

Be good, be wise, be conscious!


much much more on: www.onelovefestival.wordpress.com

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