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Dis-patch Festival 2010

Apresentando Atom™, belgrade noise trio e 25 outros artistas em Various venues


Quinta-feira 7 de Outubro de 2010Domingo 17 de Outubro de 2010


Various venues
Belgrade, Serbia

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Festival of cutting-egde music and related art
Edition 9 / October 7th to 17th 2010
various venues, Belgrade, Serbia
www.dis-patch.com (resurrection on Sept 1st)

The ninth edition of Dis-patch festival, under the Sun Ra-inspired motto ROCKET NO. 9, brings several premieres, special programs and the usual eclectic combination of organic and electronic styles. The festival will be opened with the world premiere of its own production - a special performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen's piece for piano duet and ring modulation "Mantra", performed by the Belgrade-based Piano Duo LP. This year's Artist in residence program is dedicated to the acclaimed visual artist Boris Hoppek, who will be working on a special cardboard box-based project dealing with the notions of church as an object, as well as workshopping with local art students and kids.

The music program highlights also invlude a 10th Anniversary show from Australia's Room40 label featuring a prime lineup of label-boss Lawrence English, alongside Tim Hecker and Ben Frost. One of the first European shows for the world's only mechanical gamelan orchestra will also take place in Belgrade (Gamelatron), while other confirmed acts include Atom TM, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, a special collab with Elevate Festival from Graz, Zombie Zombie playing the music of John Carpenter, NYC's Talibam! and a slew of local talent including Boylah, Piece of Shh.., Belgrade Noise Trio, DJ Moodswinger and more. The program will also not be lacking in workshops, special outdoor events, digital murals and even "live cooking". Special offers are announced for international visitors, website will be revamped in early September.

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