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Jan 30

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2010

Apresentando Black Gold, Black Lips e 25 outros artistas em Footscray Community Arts Centre


Sábado 30 de Janeiro de 2010Sábado 30 de Janeiro de 2010


Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland Street, Footscray, 3011, Australia


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ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN have pulled out of Melbourne Laneway Festival, it has been confirmed that MIDNIGHT JUGGARNAUTS will be the replacement for this event only.

Tickets on sale October 30th from GreenTix

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From the festival website:

"2010 sees the Laneway Festival move to the fabulous surrounds of Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC), an oasis in the heart of the (greater) city. Just two train stops from the CBD, the new site is the perfect spot to check out your favourite bands. Our friends at Footscray Arts have shared their access to the Maribyrong riverfront, amphitheatre, park and killer views overlooking the city so we can deliver an event with more space and atmosphere than ever. Punters will have access to three very different stages, enough amenities to cater for those wanting to wander between the stages or stay in front of their favourite all day, plus local arts showcases and cuisine.

A fresh cultural hotspot (FCAC is a mecca for original contemporary community-based art), Footscray is an area of Melbourne that's fast becoming renowned for its grass-roots arts community. It's perfectly inline with Laneway's continuing support of the unique and undiscovered, and we're extremely excited to be hosting the Festival there."

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