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Mai 21

19. Wave-Gotik-Treffen

Apresentando 79Animals, Adivarius e 227 outros artistas em Various Venues


Sexta-feira 21 de Maio de 2010Segunda-feira 24 de Maio de 2010


Various Venues
Leipzig, Germany

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last change May 19th
removed: Rotting Christ, Diamanda Galas, Genetic Vortex, Jaren, Talvekoidik

Content / Inhalt:
I English Description / Englische Beschreibung
II Non-official confirmed bands / unbestätigte Bands
III Special concerts / Sonderveranstaltungen
IV Useful Links / Nützliche Links
V German Description / Deutsche Beschreibung
VI practical information / Nützliche Informationen

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
The Wave-Gotik Treffen (WGT) is the world's largest festival for "dark culture" held each spring in Leipzig, Germany. About 20.000 - 25.000 visitors and more than 150 bands and artists attend the festival each year.
During the 4 days (Friday - Monday) the whole city will be populated by all kind of people connected to the Gothic scene. Also the performers are from various backgrounds like Goth, EBM, Industrial, Futurepop, Darkwave, Neofolk, Neoclassical, Noise, Medieval Music, Experimental, Coldwave, etc.
Beside the concert there will be film screenings, clubbing, stage reading by various authors, exhibitions, LARP, church concerts, medieval markets and various workshops.
It is possible to camp next to the AGRA hall but also some people prefer to stay in a hotel

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Non-official confirmed bands
(found via homepage, myspace, direct contact... etc.)##startlist##
Céleste Noir ~°~°~ Velvet Acid Christ ~°~°~ Elephant Leaf ~°~°~ Assemblage 23 ~°~°~ Constants ~°~°~ Mantus ~°~°~ Noblesse Oblige ~°~°~ Astro Zombies~°~°~ Rhombus ~°~°~ Ink Dot Boy ~°~°~ Lost Area ~°~°~ Quattrocelli Cello Quartet ~°~°~ Audiodidakt ~°~°~ Plastic Autumn ~°~°~ Bodystyler ~°~°~ Camping im Keller ~°~°~ Coinside ~°~°~ Electronic Allstars ~°~°~ Tonal Y Nagual ~°~°~ Blood and Tears ~°~°~ Fairydust ~°~°~ Gimme Shelter ~°~°~ Hertzinfarkt ~°~°~ Lords Assistants ~°~°~ 79Animals feat. A.O.E. ~°~°~ Beramid ~°~°~ God Is An Astronaut ~°~°~ Koraktor ~°~°~ Morbus Gaudium ~°~°~ Patenbrigade Wolff ~°~°~ Schock++##endlist##

Glitter + Trauma Party: Noblesse Oblige
Goa Party: Dewaias ~°~°~ TEKAEH

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
These bands probably won't be part of the official program but the entrance is free for WGT guests
Schultz ] ~°~°~ Xabec

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
There's a WGT group on - feel free to join! ;)

Official WGT site
Americans in Leipzig
WGT Yahoo Group
Wikipedia WGT entry
Wikipedia Leipzig entry
Sanctuary's unofficial WGT site
(Un)official confirmed bands @ Schattentanz

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Das Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Abk.: WGT) ist ein Musikfestival, das jährlich an Pfingsten in Leipzig stattfindet. Mit derzeit mehr als 20.000 Besuchern ist es eine der größten Veranstaltungen der Schwarzen Szene. Während der vier Tage des Festivals werden dem Besucher – neben Konzerten der unterschiedlichen Stilrichtungen – auch ein vielfältiges kulturelles Rahmenangebot geboten. Dazu gehören spezielle Filmvorführungen, Club-Partys, Autorenlesungen unheimlicher und romantischer Literatur, Ausstellungen in Museen und Galerien, Live-Rollenspiel, Kirchenkonzerte, Mittelaltermärkte und Workshops zu verschiedenen Themen. Die Besucher übernachten in verschiedenen Hotels oder nutzen die Campingmöglichkeiten des AGRA-Zeltplatzes.

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
practical information
(I would like to expand this part of the description, please send me a message with stuff you would like to contribute (e.g. hotel information, descriptions, how to do .... in Leipzig, what to mind when arrive from other countries / outside EU!! ... )

There are kind of 3 different types of tickets. Depending whether you would like to camp and/or come by car you have to buy some of the additional tickets.
Prices 2010
entrance ticket: 66€
Obsorgekarte 25€
Parkvignette: 15€
+ 8 € for (insured) shipping & handling.

1. entrance ticket
This ticket is your entrance to all events organized by the WGT (and also some private hold parties). It is essential to buy this ticket to go to the concerts!.
If you're not coming by car and stay in a hotel this is the only ticket you need!

2. Obsorgekarte (additional ticket)
This ticket grants you access to the camping-sites located round the AGRA hall. If you want to camp it is essential to buy this ticket in addition to the entrance ticket. Obsorge-guests get a different wristband so it is not possible to access the camping-site without this ticket.
In addition to this ticket you get the official program book (called "Pfingstbote"). (People without Obsorgekarte may buy this book for roughly 10 Euro (does anybody know the exact price?).

3. parking ticket (additional ticket)
This ticket grants access to the WGT parking area which is guarded by Security. Obviously this ticket is only necessary if you arrive by car.

Of you are just bought an ordinary entrance ticket you just go to the exchange offices outside the AGRA area and get your wristband. I heard it should also possible to get a wristband at the other big venues like Werk II or Kohlrabizirkus can anybody confirm this?

As a camper with Obsorge ticket you don't queue outside but just pass the security line by showing both tickets (entrance + obsorge!) and do so again when entering the camping-site. Then you can just relax and set up your camp before go to the wristband exchange located at the main camping site (just ask other campers to show you the way) Only there you get your obsorge-wristband which grants access to the camping area!

If you come by car keep all your tickets in your pocket when you leave the car! Friends of us leaved their tickets in their car last year and they weren't allowed to enter the parking area again since they couldn't show neither a wristband or a ticket (so we had to walk ... ).

Public transportation
Your entrance card (and only this card!) or your wristband is your ticket for all public transportation in Leipzig during the festival weekend! (Tram, Bus, Regional train and S-train).
Mind the time in which you are allowed to travel with your ticket/wristband. In 2009 it was between Friday morning 0800 until Tuesday noon 1200!
Don't travel without valid ticket outside these times (arrival day and departure day). The company who runs the trains and buses is aware of the bunch of people travelling and will do a lot of extra controls on he line leading to the camping-site (but also the other trains) to catch all fare dodgers. The penalty will be around 40 Euro!!!

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