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Jun 1

All Work No Play Tour

Com The Mission In Motion e Jonesez em Enigma Bar


Sexta-feira 1 de Junho de 2012


Enigma Bar
173 Hindley Street, Adelaide, 5000, Australia

Tel: (08) 8212 2313


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THE MISSION IN MOTION will once again be hitting the road this May on the All Work No Pay Tour road testing new material from the band's forthcoming sophomore album due out in late August 2012 as vocalist Brett Islaub enthuses"2012 has been a really positive year, we can't wait to get out on the road and test out our new material, it is the easily the best work we've done".
Joining the bill is Melbourne's JONESEZ who have been turning heads since the release of their debut albumBetty's Soup.
Amazing & Ridiculous Crazy Seriously Dedicated Impressed & Terrified We Are Speechless are some of the comments after it was announced JONESEZ front man Mark Stewart was donating his body to science to fund their 2nd album.
The result is the stunning sophomore album... Gruffalo taking cues from bands such as Ash, Supergrass and Jebediah the album is "Like a showbag loaded with various treats this album isoozing with charm, hooks and is definitely unique"
The Mission In Motion "all work no pay tour" With Special Guests:Jonesez & Guests

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